Jobs on the Rise 2021: work, according to Linkedin

Jobs on the Rise 2021: work, according to Linkedin
What was 2020 for the world of work? And what will 2021 therefore be, both from the perspective of the past depression and in view of the upcoming relaunch? Mario Draghi will not only have to find an answer to these questions once he has taken up residence in Palazzo Chigi, but there are also the first clues in the Jobs on the Rise 2021 Italy report signed by LinkedIn based on the evidence recorded on his social network.

Jobs on the Rise 2021 Italy

The picture of what happened is first and foremost in the words of the Country Manager Marcello Albergoni:

Although COVID-19 has upset many work areas, it the emergence of professional roles whose demand is growing, and this has offered people new opportunities in the immediate term. We are seeing constant growth in some specific sectors such as education, specialized medicine, digital marketing and creative services, but also an increase in professionals in the field of customer support and technology. The pandemic has undeniably pushed companies to innovate while finding new ways to offer services to their customers. 2021 will undoubtedly be a year of strong changes, in which we also expect an important attention to the development of skills, a positive mentality and a dose of self-confidence. In this scenario it is clear that there are roles to be conquered and new businesses to start.

LinkedIn, in particular, offers a list of 15 areas within which the greatest opportunities of the moment nestle:

education of specialized doctors, experts in digital marketing

“The pandemic has prompted many companies to redefine their commercial approach and to invest in a strong digital presence. This has resulted in a high demand for digital marketing experts and social media managers from a diverse range of companies, from pharmaceutical equipment manufacturers to e-commerce giants, such as Amazon "creative services

“The creative sectors in Italy have always been considered drivers of economic growth and cultural expression. While it's obvious that the COVID-19 pandemic has had a major impact on the creative industries, with a reduction in their budget, companies have turned to creative freelancers, from writers to video editors, to work on projects with agility. Writers, in particular, increased 74% between 2019 and 2020, following an increase in demand from companies that wanted to strengthen their digital presence with high-quality content "technology sector customer support

“This category is one of the main types of“ pandemic-proof ”jobs, as mentioned above, with constant growth year after year. However, the 49% increase recorded in 2020 may also be linked to the digitization of many companies across the country due to the massive shift to smart working for millions of employees. This is probably the main reason why IT security and support professionals were among the most hired in 2020. The Tech category recorded the highest number of male hires in 2020, with 89% of Cyber ​​roles. Security Manager and Game Developer employed by men. " insurance sector pharmaceutical sector and healthcare personnel research e-commerce

"To meet the surge in demand for online products due to the pandemic, companies have hired thousands of e-commerce professionals, from logistics workers up to online marketing experts, to get their products into the hands of customers. Hiring for these roles increased by 51% over the previous year. The main professions that have poured into this industry are bartenders, waiter, commercial and point of sale managers, probably from all the bars, restaurants and shops that had to close during the lockdown "digital content expert freelancers

“Since the global pandemic has also resulted in the closure of many offices, companies have turned this inconvenience into an opportunity by targeting talent from locations other than their own. They then leveraged the skills of digital content-savvy freelancers to reach customers in new ways, thanks to podcast creators and bloggers, resulting in an increase in the hiring of these professionals. Overall, this category recorded a 72% increase in 2020, with journalists and commercials converting to new professions related to digital content creation, such as bloggers "real estate finance business development and sales

" Consumer trends are changing, for example we have seen a 350% increase in digital transactions. Consequently, in order to grow and survive, companies have had to adapt to this ever-changing business environment "news and journalism 2020 is a year of turning point and change: behind every change there are great risks and enormous opportunities, both part of that phenomenon that over time has learned to characterize as "natural selection". Work is part of this type of evolution, opening previously inaccessible openings and closing previously comfortable and busy roads. The inevitability of the facts must be faced having clear in mind what all this means for one's current position and for what may come: LinkedIn does nothing but photograph these trends, indicating the useful tools to start one's path in the right direction. br>

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