Netflix best series inspired by comics | December 2020

Netflix best series inspired by comics | December 2020
The incredible success of comic characters in the cinema has brought the heroes of the world of talking clouds and has allowed these protectors of humanity to return by arrogance even in television series. Aware of the fascination exerted by superheroes, the giants of entertainment streaming have launched themselves into the world of comics with the production of numerous series dedicated to metahumans of all publishing houses.

To orient ourselves in this rich offer, we have decided to give you some advice on which of these series are the most worth seeing. Starting with the best comic-inspired series on Netflix, as Reed Hastings' streaming service has put a lot of emphasis on this genre, especially with Marvel superheroes ahead of Disney +.

Netflix best inspired series Comic:

Daredevil Gotham Umbrella Academy Titans Locke & Keys Warrior Nun Agents of SHIELD Luke Cage Black Lighting If you want to try the Netflix service you can redeem your free month at this link


The first highly successful modern superhero series, which has also become a workhorse for the presence on the Italian market of Netflix. The protagonist is Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox), a blind lawyer from Hell's Kitchen, a disreputable neighborhood in Manhattan. Once he retires from the role of lawyer, Matt becomes a vigilante at night, exploiting his powers, obtained just when the radioactive substance that made him blind gave him overdeveloped senses. Over three seasons, the Netflix show showed the best of Daredevil's life, featuring some of the Guardian Devil's historical enemies, such as Kingpin (a perfect Vincent D'Onofrio) and Bullseye.

Appealing to some of the most emotional and tragic moments in Daredevil's editorial life, the Netflix series has provided viewers with a story of the character's origins and first steps that pays homage to Frank Miller's beloved handling of the character. From Daredevil, the other four series dedicated to Netflix's Marvel comics came to life, plus a forgettable team up between the different characters.

Netflix Original: yes


The Batman myth is one of the most exploited by movies and TV series. After having explored the legend of the Dark Knight from the point of view of the hero, with Gotham it is decided to explore the past of some of the characters that surround Batman, following in particular a figure very close to Bruce Wayne: James Gordon.

Starting from the night the Wayne spouses die, the vital spark of the Batman figure, we witness the career of a young policeman, James Gordon, intent on making Gotham safer, while knowing that he will have to clash with corrupt cops, criminals out of the schemes and a city that has lost all hope. Gotham combines the life of Gordon with the birth of some of the key figures in Batman's life (from the Penguin to the Riddler, from Catwoman to Joker), also showing the birth of the Bat from a new perspective. We are not looking for absolute fidelity to the canon of the Dark Knight, but we want to honor his noir and harshest spirit.

Netflix Original: no

Umbrella Academy

Based on the comic series by Geread way and Gabriel Bà published by Dark Horse Comics, Umbrella Academy is one of the best series inspired by Netflix comics. When 43 women suddenly give birth on October 1, 1989, eccentric billionaire Si Reginald Hargreeves adopts seven of these unborn babies, knowing they will be endowed with incredible powers. The tycoon intends to train these children to make them protectors of humanity, keeping them away from the rest of their peers and not giving them names but numbers. On the death of Hargreeves, after so many years apart, the brothers meet again to find out what really happened to their father and rediscover a sense of family that becomes the common thread of the first season.

Umbrella Academy is a different vision of superheroes , more cynical and human, in which the emotional aspect of the characters is fully exploited, thanks to a dynamic of the exciting episodes and able to properly weave present and flashbacks. No less important is the excellent soundtrack

Netflix Original: yes


Back at DC Comics for a series now in its second season whose protagonists are characters not of the first face, but the young heroes that we have often known as the backs of the big shots of DC Comcis. Gathered by Dick Grayson, the first Robin, the Titans were a team of superheroes made up of the sidekicks of the members of the Justice League, committed to tackling missions that required a group of fighters, but without disturbing the intervention of the most famous heroes.

In the Netflix series we witness the formation of the second version of the Titans, forced to suffer also from the failure of the previous team, with the consequent mistrust and fears. At the center of the story, Dick Grayson's desire to free himself from the cumbersome figure of Batman, also training his heir, Jason Todd, who is totally different from him.

Netflix Original: yes

Locke & Key

Inspired by the comic series by Joe Hill (none other than the son of His Highness Stephen King), Locke & Keys tells of three brothers who, following the violent death of their father in circumstances not fully clarified, they move with their mother to the old paternal home. The paternal mansion turns out to be a journey into magic for young people, who discover how the presence of hidden keys can open particular doors, each linked to a power.

Among discoveries of family secrets and mysteries linked to the death of the father, the three boys will be forced to face the truth as they deal with grieving and adolescent problems in a new environment.

Netflix Original: yes

Warrior Nun

Inspired by the 90s comic series Warrior Nun Areala, the Netflix series sees a young woman become the perfect fighter of a secret coven of the Catholic Church, dedicated to the fight against the demons that want to invade our world

Warrior Nun focuses, especially in the first episodes, on the emotional construction of the protagonist, showing in the second block of episodes a greater affinity to the action soul than one would expect from a similar series, such as we told ato in our review.

Netflix Original: yes

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. tells the story of a group of agents of the secret organization led by Nick Fury. Within the episodes we have the opportunity to know the background of the events experienced in the cinema with the films of the Avengers and other Marvel heroes.

Led by the revived Phil Coulson, believed to be dead at the end of Avengers, these agents live the consequences of the major events of the MCU, such as the fall of the SHIELD, introducing elements such as Inhumans, earthly mists and space adventures to the world of the MCU.

Netflix Original: no

Luke Cage

Character from Marvel comics, Luke Cage is the first black superhero to get his own series. Within the Netflix serial context, Cage was the third series inspired by a character from the House of Ideas, inserting him into the concept of the urban heroes together with Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Iron Fist, with whom he played, also in the Netflix serial world, in the Defenders team.

The Marvel series captures the urban atmosphere of Harlem's African-American New York at its best, with a perfect synergy between modernity and essential character traits.

Original Neflix: yes

Black Lightning

Directly from the novere of DC Comcis characters, Netflix welcomed the black superhero Black Lightning, a non-leading figure in the world of Batman and Superman, but capable of showing the other side of the superhero's life. After retiring to private life for years, the return of one of his hated rival will lead Jefferson Pierce to take on his superhero shoes again, trying to save even the young lives he tries to lead as a teacher.

Original Neflix: no

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