Xbox Series X | S: Microsoft anticipates important updates

Xbox Series X | S: Microsoft anticipates important updates
During a taped interview for the official Xbox podcast, console development chief Jason Ronald teased without going too far that there will be new "exciting" announcements for the Xbox Series X | S. “As a team, we are very excited about the welcome received from fans around the world. It is the launch phase, we always say it to each other, this is really just the beginning. We have a lot of amazing things in the pipeline, which will come in the coming months and years to come. We are also working closely with leading game developers in the industry to take full advantage of all the next-gen features we have with the Xbox Series S and Series X, ”publicly declares Jason Ronald.

Xbox Head of Development he also stressed that his team took a long break after the launch of the two latest Microsoft consoles, specifying that this period of stop, in reality, proved to be an important opportunity to "listen to the community" and their needs. , analyzing their user experience, in order to better understand where to improve.

At the moment, a series of updates are in the works for the Xbox Series X | S and, among the expected improvements, the team is also working to perfect the quick resume. In this regard, Ronald informs us: “We had to disable the quick resume on some titles released in the launch window. The team is working very hard to rehabilitate it on those games, so that people can then enjoy this fantastic feature on all the titles that users are playing ”.

In addition to the quick resume, the team is also rolling up their sleeves to improve the controller disconnection problems which, as we know, is a theme that is very close to the heart of the Redmond company, as it has invested a lot to give the best hand pad experience on Xbox consoles, in terms of quality and ergonomics. In addition, Ronald also revealed that the team is also devoting its energy to improving the Xbox app for smartphones, adding new features. The message that Jason Ronald wanted to arrive is precisely the enhancement of feedback from fans, to offer them an even better experience during this ninth generation of gaming.

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