Best Xbox Series X Accessories | January 2021

Best Xbox Series X Accessories | January 2021
Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, released on 10 November 2020, are the new next-gen consoles from Microsoft: the first is the family jewel, the second is the smallest sister that ensures next-gen performance in a reduced body and price. With Xbox Series X, Microsoft has created a real engineering masterpiece with the components wedged between it, but disposed of an excellent dissipation system and a large fan placed above. Minimal, sleek and small: Series X looks like a small case, but from its generous weight, you can tell how eye-catching and gritty its hardware actually is. Have you already bought the next-gen Xbox? Then you have no excuses: take a look at the best accessories to maximize your ninth generation workstation!

The best accessories for Xbox Series X

Xbox lamp Xbox Series X controller | S Memory expansion Batteries and chargers Xbox stereo headphones Thrustmaster TX keyboard Racing Wheel Leather Edition

Xbox lamp

Do you want to add a touch of class to your Xbox Series X | S console? Then the Xbox lamp is the perfect accessory! Thanks to its affordable price and its small size, it really fits in every pocket and desk. Equipped with a micro-USB input and a compartment for three AAA batteries, it is possible to power the lamp in various ways: through the batteries, through the USB socket of the Xbox or through a charger such as that of the iPhone.

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Xbox Series X Controller | S

Ergonomic and functional: these are the two adjectives with which Xbox users have always described the various versions of the pads. But with the new Xbox Wireless Controller, the Xbox division has set the bar for quality even higher! The new Xbox Series X pad features a smaller body compared to the Xbox One pad, but packed with features like knurled surfaces on the back and spines, a totally revised vibration system and a USB Type-C input for charging. In addition, Impulse Triggers increase the player's immersion. A second pad for your new next-gen console, should you often play in split screen, is a highly recommended purchase.

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Memory expansion

Xbox Series X is equipped with a 1TB SSD with actual available space of just over 800GB, a more than satisfactory space, but which could be expanded for all those users who like to install a large library. The situation is quite different on the Xbox Series S equipped with a 512GB SSD, but with 364GB effective space. However, such a small space can be enhanced thanks to the official 1TB expansion SSD from Seagate. The price is justified by the fact that it supports all the features of the new Microsoft consoles and, moreover, it is a small card that will disappear in the appropriate slot ... the space on your desk is saved!

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Batteries and Chargers

We all snorted at the low battery notification. Let's face it without shame: having to play with a cable hanging from the controller or, worse still, having to leave the house to buy AA batteries, is stressful. What if I told you that there is a solution? Smatree offers Xbox users a solution consisting of three 2000mAH rechargeable batteries with charger included. For about fifteen hours you can play non-stop while the other batteries are charging. At the moment in which we draw up the guide, the pack with three batteries is available in a timed offer, but you can also buy the pack consisting of two batteries.

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Xbox Stereo Headphones

Do you want a headset designed specifically for Xbox? Compatible with Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and Windows 10, the Xbox stereo headset will ensure you have a great experience both in game and in chat. Also equipped with a removable adapter, you can balance the volume of the game and chat as you like, or mute your microphone. This is a cheap but high quality headset!

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How annoying it is to type via the pad on Xbox Series X? Don't worry, on the new Microsoft console you can connect a simple keyboard with touchpad and that's it! You can finally type and move easily between the menus of apps prepared for typing, or on the browser, by connecting this TedGem keyboard with a very accessible price! Also, the keyboard is wireless, so it won't add an annoying cable to your desk.

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Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel Leather Edition

If you are a fan of racing games or driving simulators, Thrustmaster has confirmed the compatibility of the majestic TX Racing Wheel Leather Edition with Xbox Series X and S. It is one of the best racing wheels ever equipped with a brushless servo motor. industrial class providing reactive force feedback effects. In addition, it includes a pedal set with three pedals and the brake features a Conical Rubber Brake Mod that offers well-calibrated resistance.

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