The best accessories for PS5 | December 2020

The best accessories for PS5 | December 2020
PS5 is finally among us, although many users have not managed to grab their unit. Sony's next-generation PlayStation console has already amazed players with its exclusive games, such as Marvel's Spider-Man Miles Morales and Demon's Souls, the remake of the progenitor of a genre now known to all. Obviously, however, to play PlayStation 5 you also need a series of peripherals that aim to improve the overall experience. We are obviously talking about the official controller, but also about the charging base, headphones and remote controls. In this article, we want to gather the best accessories for PS5 already confirmed as compatible with the new console.

It is possible that the compatibility of new peripherals already on the market may be gradually confirmed. We will update our article over time to keep you informed about the best PS5 accessories available on the market.

The best PS5 accessories

DualSense Controller Pulse 3D Wireless Headset Remote Controller DualSense Charging Station HD Camera PlayStation VR Travel bag Cover for DualSense

DualSense Controller

Inside each PlayStation 5 box you will find a PS5 controller, known as DualSense, but obviously in order to play in local co-op you need a second controller. While there are multiple quality third-party gamepads, DualSense promises to be one of the best thanks to its unique features: haptic feedback and adaptive triggers will add an additional sensory dimension to video games; in addition, an integrated microphone and a Create button are included, which will replace and evolve the “old” Share. The touchpad will not be missing, in continuity with the PS4 controller, but the overall shape of the controller will change slightly, adapting to hands of any size.

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Pulse 3D Wireless Headset

PS5 wants to impress not only the eyes and hands of gamers, but also the ears: thanks to the Tempest Engine PS5 offers full 3D audio, but to be able to enjoy it you need quality headphones. Sony then created the Pulse 3D Wireless Headset. These are wireless headphones that allow you to enjoy your favorite games in comfort at maximum audio quality, also taking advantage of the noise-canceling microphone to chat undisturbed with your friends. Charges via USB Type-C.

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Remote Controller

PS5 is not only a game console, but also a living room multimedia center to watch movies and TV series: we will be able to take advantage of the main streaming services such as Netflix and Disney +. However, using a controller is not particularly convenient in this case: luckily Sony has created a dedicated remote control, which can be used with one hand and with all the buttons necessary to immediately call up the most important media apps. To be able to watch movies and TV series via PS5, there will be nothing better than the official Remote Controller. Definitely one of the best accessories for PS5!

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DualSense Charging Station

What's worse than turning on the console and find that your DualSense controller is completely discharged? Finding that the second DualSense controller is also completely discharged. To solve the problem in the bud, the best solution is the official Charging Station for PS5: this base allows you to recharge two controllers at the same time, so as to never risk running out of water on the most beautiful. Of course, it will always be possible to recharge the DualSense simply by connecting it via USB cable, but if you are looking for the best accessories for PS5, then this cradle should not be missing in your collection.

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HD Camera

Consoles have now become a multimedia center for creatives, not just gaming machines to be exploited alone. Like PS4, PlayStation 5 also has a new camera, perfect for making broadcasts and videos of your gaming sessions in full HD resolution. Professionals will opt for other solutions, but for anyone who wants a starting point and a perfectly compatible PS5 accessory, the HD Camera is certainly the perfect choice. In addition, it will be essential for all those games that use the camera.

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PlayStation VR

Among the best accessories for PS5, the futuristic PlayStation VR is also present! PS5 is in fact compatible with the PlayStation VR headset and allows you to play all PS4 games for PS VR. However, there are two details to remember. First of all, the new games coming out that support PS VR are only in PS4 format: for example, the PS5 version of Hitman 3 does not include VR mode, while the PS4 version does (so you need to buy the old gen version also on PS5). Also, remember that PS VR cannot be connected to PS5 without the dedicated adapter: luckily Sony gives it to all owners of the headset, just request it through the official website.

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Travel bag

Are you a student or off-site worker? We all know what it means to give up moving your console to make room for primary users. But from today it is no longer a problem. USA GEAR has created an excellent travel bag specifically for the new Sony home console. With the RipStop nylon exterior that is resistant to jets of water, scratches and impacts, the bag will allow you to carry consoles, pads, headphones, cables and other accessories thanks to the internal dimensions of 41 x 19 x 32 centimeters. There is also an external zip pocket and shoulder strap to allow you to have your hands free to drag your luggage. So, say goodbye to hysterics perhaps due to hastily dangerous packaging.

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Cover for DualSense

Do you sweat your hands during long or medium gaming sessions? Then the Benazcap silicone cover in silicone for the DualSense is a mandatory purchase. A further pro of this cover, in addition to the ergonomic surfaces with reliefs, is the presence of different rubber pads for the analogs of your controller. Get ready to abandon that terrible sliding sensation which, especially in the summer period, is annoying like few other sensations. On the other hand, you can also improve the ergonomics of the analog sticks to your liking, as well as decide not to use the rubber pads supplied with the cover. Such an essential product for many users, it was impossible to exclude among the best PS5 accessories.

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