Destiny 2: Beyond the Light, PS5 and Xbox Series X update

Destiny 2: Beyond the Light, PS5 and Xbox Series X update
We have had the opportunity to talk far and wide about the importance of Destiny 2: Beyond the Light, as well as our opinions expressed in the review after having gone through everything that so far the major expansion of this fall has had to offer. We are continuing to tackle the mysteries of Europa, the threats of Xivu Arath and can't wait to see how the rest of the story unfolds over the next few seasons leading up to the major expansion of 2021. These days though, players from Destiny 2 have seen a big change in the use of the title. In fact, next-gen users have seen the gaming experience drastically improved on PS5 and</a> Xbox Series X. So let's analyze how Destiny 2: Beyond the Light runs on next-gen consoles.

Greater graphic rendering

The first and obvious improvement made to the Bungie title with this update is certainly the increase in graphic rendering. Europe and the various in-game destinations now drastically approach what is the graphics quality available on PC. The environments are clearly more fascinating and make the raids on the various surfaces a joy also from a visual point of view.

In addition to all this, it will not only be the more defined models of your armor or weapons that will make your time as Guardians enjoyable, but also and above all the great leap forward of the particles, explosions and a whole series of graphic effects that can always be irrelevant but that increase the immersion of the title. Even during our review carried out testing the PC version we noticed a greater refinement of the graphic aspects, which obviously comes greater for the console versions and which underlines how this side of the Destiny experience is not in the background in Bungie's ideas.

During our interview made a few days before the launch of the expansion, we asked just how much the arrival of the new generation of consoles could help in terms of development, also from a narrative point of view. Here is Guillaume Colomb's answer: "The next-gen in general will certainly help us to make our vision of key moments more effective in practice. Both on a narrative and technical level what allows us to do the next- gen is to create more impact in key scenes. Let's take an example with totally random numbers: if now we could do 1 guardian against 10 enemies, with the next-gen we can do 1 against 100 ". The effects are already noticeable from this expansion: the introduction of dynamic weather on Europa, rather than the rain of debris of the Eclipse Zone, or the removal of some destinations to carry out a graphic restyling is only the prelude to what the next-gen version will help with Bungie's ideas and development possibilities.

Playful improvements

It's not all about the graphics though. The next-gen update also brings with it some new technical options from a playful point of view for players. Let's start with the possibility of activating the 120hz mode that applies only to the Crucible (the PvP mode). This mode is obviously useful for improving performance in the most excited moments of clashes and having greater fluidity during aiming and gun fights. In the case of PS5 you will have to activate performance mode before you can select this option in the settings. The second possibility offered by the update corresponds to the adjustment of the field of view. PC players have been familiar with this option for years now and know that increasing it to the maximum allows for greater peripheral vision, thus minimizing the possibility of being taken by surprise with feline bypasses. When it comes to the overall stability of the experience, 60fps is solid and finally does justice to a shooting system that is definitely one of the best on the market. Even in the most agitated moments within the new storms on Europa, the title has had drastic frame drops making the next-gen PvE and PvP experience (obviously net of the current limits of the Crucible) really fluid, enjoyable and stable. br>
Support for 4K, granite 60fps (up to 120 in the Crucible) and all the related graphic improvements, make Destiny 2 on next-gen the best console experience of the Bungie title and in some situations even superior for stability too at the PC. Destiny 2: Beyond the Light is a new beginning for the Bungie epic and the next-gen update is the first step in a support that despite everything continues to be commendable in many situations.

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