The best romantic movies to discover on Netflix

The best romantic movies to discover on Netflix
Valentine's Day is almost upon us and cinephiles from all over the world are gearing up for an evening in sweet company… of a good movie! We have already made some order among the various choices available to you on Prime Video, but now we want to dedicate ourselves to the best romantic movies on Netflix. In fact, Reed Hastings' streaming platform offers a huge range of sentimental feature films. We have tried to trace some coordinates to guide your choice, depending on whether you are interested in a cult comedy, a costume film, an animated feature film or, why not, a science fiction love story.

The best romantic movies on Netflix:

Bridget Jones's diary Pride and prejudice Your Name One Day If you leave me I will erase you The bridges of Madison County The Terminal

Bridget Jones's diary

Exactly twenty years ago, the unique and inimitable Bridget Jones was preparing to break into the hearts of spectators all over the world. It was in fact 2001 when Bridget Jones's Diary began the journey that in a very short time led it to become one of the most loved romantic films ever. A real little cult, seeing it again today the most melancholic will regret the good old days of the youth of three first-rate actors such as Renée Zellweger, Colin Firth and Hugh Grant (recently seen in The Undoing).

Be that as it may, the film shines with its own light. A perfectly rhythmic and congenial comedy for a relaxing, carefree and romantic evening with your sweetheart. Based on the novel of the same name by Helen Fielding.

Pride and prejudice

Speaking of novels, or rather, of literature, if you love film adaptations, the version of Pride and Prejudice starring Keira Knightley is the right film to recover. The exciting and passionate plot is well known. The text is a classic, as well as one of the most beloved and popular novels of all time.

Joe Wright's film succeeds in properly reflecting every single detail, with a beautifully crafted scenic setting (which can boast two Oscar nominations for costumes and scenography) up to the most hidden jolts of love. The Italian composer Dario Marianelli is the author of the beautiful soundtrack, also nominated for an Oscar.

Your Name

From the great English literary tradition, to the great Japanese cinema animation. Your Name is one of the most famous anime of the new millennium (so much so that J.J. Abrams was interested in producing an adaptation). A blockbuster in Japan, in a short time the film has become an undisputed cult all over the world and has consecrated the name of Makoto Shinkai. A love story for a walk in space-time in which the feeling that binds the two protagonists is only the starting point to then investigate equally profound themes.

In fact, the film speaks of destiny, magic, indefinite. The age of adolescence is closely investigated, both as regards emotional and physical changes, but directing is probably the real ace in the hole of the feature film: a bewitching and sinuous work capable of seducing the viewer's eye as much as touch the emotional chords most dear to him.

One Day

Of course, in this case we cannot talk about leaps in time, yet One Day is also a romantic film completely based on this dimension . Anne Hataway and Jim Sturgess play the two lovers destined (?) To meet only one day each year.

Their steps continue in parallel and from the time of university gradually progressing towards adulthood, with all the difficulties that life is ready to present. Just like their respective lives, the film also slowly made its way among the most disparate viewers, becoming a small point of reference especially for young people in search of an alternative love story. Perhaps it is true what he was criticized ten years ago, at the time of his theatrical release, or that he was a bit too similar to Harry, this is Sally ... However, One Day remains a simple and genuine film that could be for you for these days.

If you leave me I will delete you

Speaking of emotional cult, If you leave me I will delete you is the right film for those looking for an original, bizarre and surprising comedy. The protagonists of this crazy (in every sense) love story are Kate Winslet and Jim Carrey (recently seen in Sonic). Their relationship has now come to an end and he will decide to resort to a science fiction treatment capable of erasing her memories from her memory so as to no longer suffer the pains of love. It almost looks like the cue from an episode of Black Mirror and indeed it could be.

Directed by Michel Gondry and scripted by Charlie Kaufman, however, the film is more of a treatise on philosophy. A praise to the most irrational feeling of all able to overcome any barrier. The most romantic of cinephiles will be absolutely struck and blown away by this little hidden gem that deserves all our attention.


Speaking of Black Mirror, she has been since its release in theaters (and of his triumph at the Oscars where he won the prize for best screenplay and the nomination for best film) he was immediately compared to the television series. History is in fact closely linked to technology. It tells of the relationship (if we can call it that) of love between Theodore (an excellent Joaquin Phoenix) and Samantha, or the operating system he adopted to keep him company.

Samantha is a sort of Siri whose voice it is loaned, in the original version, by Scarlett Johansson. She is the she who gives the title to the film, a very subtle and symptomatic parable of the most contemporary times in which the individual has to deal with relationships constantly filtered by a technology that is as attractive as it is devious. Not exactly a serene and sunny love story, however a romantic film that leaves its mark and could be ideal for those looking for a busier evening.

The Bridges of Madison County

For those wishing to indulge in a more melodramatic and fiery cinematic past, the choice can only be The Bridges of Madison County. The film, directed and starring Clint Eastwood, tells the very short story of passion between his character and the one played by Meryl Streep. In the quick parenthesis that will forever upset their lives, the two lovers do not spare each other and will experience a journey of rare emotions as will never happen again in their life.

Impossible to hold back the tears for what is still considered today one of the best titles directed by Eastwood. After numerous roles and directing in decidedly more masculine projects, including westerns, war films or wild detective films, the author tries his hand at a melodrama that has made school. Meryl Streep is simply fantastic and the ending in the rain remains one of the most poignant scenes in the history of cinema.

The Terminal

Steven Spielberg has also tried his hand at romantic comedy. This time without thunderous special effects, fearsome dinosaurs or alien creatures from everywhere. The Terminal is the (true) story of a man who was stuck inside a US airport for bureaucratic reasons. Tom Hanks (who recently made his debut on Netflix also in the film News from the world) is amazing in the part and will be worthily backed up by Catherine Zeta Jones who plays a flight hostess with whom the unfortunate protagonist will gradually begin to relate.

The film is practically all shot inside an airport terminal but the climate, the situations, the colors and the romanticism are typical of a sophisticated comedy of the golden age of Hollywood. We laugh, we are moved and we celebrate love from beginning to end. A little surprise far from the more adventurous canons in which we usually come across films from the great director, but not for this to be underestimated. Especially on a magical evening like Valentine's Day.

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