Call of Duty Warzone: the best build for the DMR 14

Call of Duty Warzone: the best build for the DMR 14
The DMR 14 semi-automatic tactical rifle, coming from the Black Ops Cold War arsenal only recently added thanks to the Season 1 Rebirth event, is able to quickly take out an entire team, piercing the armor of enemies with extreme ease and speed.

Its rate of fire is indeed frightening, which makes it lethal at medium range if we also consider the incredibly low recoil even without the most advanced weapon accessories. Speed ​​and handling are the keywords of the DMR 14, but how to set it up for a game of Warzone? Below we list our selection of accessories, equipment and specialties to make the most of this amazing tactical rifle.

Best DMR 14 setup

Barrel: 20.8 ”Task Force Ammunition: 40 Quick Loader Grip: SASR Jungle Viewfinder: Axial Arms 3x Under-barrel: Field Agent Laser Grip: None Stock: None Muzzle: None Let's start with the barrel: the 20.8-inch guarantees you a substantial increase in bullet speed and effective distance of damage. This means that you don't have to compensate too much for aiming at a distant target, because the bullets will fall exactly where you were aiming. Even this addition is enough to transform the DMR 14 into a true laser, but let's keep going.

The 40-round quick loader will allow you to carry out heavy bursts and nail down opposing teams without having to reload before finishing the job . The DMR is capable of firing as fast as you will be able to pull the trigger, so the ammo runs out really fast! In addition, the fast charging system will help you in the most hectic situations.

The SASR grip helps to increase your stagger resistance, ie when you are under enemy fire in scope mode. In this way you will be able to land more hits and take down the opponent before he is the one to knock you out (and trust me, with this gun you really need a few hits). The Axial Arms 3x optics is great for medium range combat, offering good magnification and a crystal clear view of the target. When it comes to sights, however, it's a matter of personal taste, so don't hesitate to try others or adapt the scope for close-range combat (however, avoid using the rifle's integrated front sight, in our opinion it takes up too much vision) . Finally, the Field Agent will increase the overall control of the weapon in the firing phase, also giving an extra touch of maneuverability.

Secondary weapon

Here you have to choose whether to use the specialty Answer excessive and equip a submachine gun (the MP5 or even better, the MAC-10) to be prepared to face close-range combat, as when you are in a house; in case you don't want to use Excessive Response, we highly recommend the Diamatti pistol, which will do its job thanks to the fast 3 bursts.

Specialties and Equipment

Specialties 1: Cold Blood / Blaster / Rush Specialty 2: Excessive Response / Phantom Specialty 3: Amplified Lethal: C4 / Semtex Tactical: Cold Blood Stun Grenade will allow you to remain invisible to opposing thermal optics, also avoid activating enemy "High Alert" when you spot them . Blaster is always useful for resisting more missile or grenade explosions, while Running allows you to quickly change positions, escape the gas faster, flank an enemy who does not expect it or even crouch behind cover or along a scale without making the slightest noise. Excessive response, as we said before, is essential if you want to use your favorite secondary weapon right away. The DMR 14 isn't exactly ideal for cleaning up a house or storming an enemy bunker. Otherwise, if you feel confident in your gun, use Ghost directly to not be detectable by UAVs in flight.

With Amplified you can switch weapons at the speed of light. This obviously comes in handy in combo with a SMG, when you have unloaded the entire volley of bullets from your rifle and there is no time to reload, or when an enemy suddenly appears around the corner from which you are leaning. Finally, speaking of the equipment, with the C4 you will be sure that the opposing vehicles will not be a problem and you can do that much desired team wipe in one go. However, the C4 can only be launched at a short distance; if you want something lighter and that goes further use the Semtex, very useful for storming a house.

Stun grenades are the icing on the cake of this fearsome loadout: thanks to them you will disorient your enemies and you can electrocute them with your DMR 14 without them noticing.

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