All measures in support of women canceled from the 2021 budget law

All measures in support of women canceled from the 2021 budget law

Among the amendments rejected by the Budget Committee of the House are the reduction of the tampon tax on menstrual products and support for victims of gender-based violence

(photo: Maurizio Maule via IPA) While the 2021 budget law does not is letting go of funds of millions of euros for the 2025 Jubilee and to guarantee "significant initiatives" in view of the eighth centenary of the nativity scene, there are other economic initiatives in support of the population that have been completely cut off by the latest amendments approved Budget Committee of the Chamber of Deputies. Such as those concerning extremely urgent problems for the female population of our peninsula: the reduction of the tampon tax and support for women victims of gender-based violence.

The proposed amendments to the 2021 budget maneuver which provided for aid to women with respect to these two issues, in fact, have all been rejected. On November 25, the non-profit organizations WeWorld and Onde Rosa presented a change to lower the VAT on menstrual pads from 22% to 5%. Representatives of institutions and politicians such as Laura Boldrini, Lia Quartapelle, Valeria Fedeli, Valeria Valente and Diana De Marchi also joined the campaign, along with many other activists, writers, journalists, sportsmen and various personalities from the entertainment world. >
All products "for the protection of feminine hygiene", from external sanitary towels to internal tampons, up to menstrual cups, will therefore continue to be considered in Italy as "luxury goods". According to estimates by the Ministry of Economy (Mef), about 300 million euros would have been needed for the coverage. The only ones to be subject to tax relief, at the moment, therefore remain compostable or washable absorbents.

As regards gender-based violence, instead, among the proposals there was that of strengthening home assistance, launched by Cittadinanzattiva and over 70 organizations, federations and associations, which should have been paid with 40 million of euros obtained from the increase in the tax on heated tobacco. The amendment for the establishment of a fund to guarantee legal assistance at the expense of the state to women victims of violence and ill-treatment, in all procedural phases that do not fall within the scope of legal aid, was rejected by the Budget Committee. >
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