Call of Duty Warzone: best setup for MAC 10 submachine gun

Call of Duty Warzone: best setup for MAC 10 submachine gun

Best mac-10 setup (warzone)

One of the new additions to the arsenal available on Warzone, straight from the Cold War, the MAC-10 submachine gun is capable of devastating enemies in an instant thanks to its ridiculous rate of fire. Here is the best setup for MAC-10 in Warzone.

Imagine you are in the last stages of a Battle Royale: gas and enemies surround you, your only option is to defend yourself inside the building where you are you are found by chance. Here, this is precisely the situation in which you want a MAC-10 loaded and ready to fire at your side, able to turn the tide of a close fight. With this setup you will be able to compete not only during multiplayer games but also during your Warzone operations (whether in Verdansk or on Rebirth Island). The only flaw of this weapon is the recoil, difficult to control due to the very high rate of fire: try to control it to place as many shots as possible.

Best MAX 10 Loadout

Muzzle: 9 muzzle brake Barrel: 5.3 "Ranger Magazine: 53 Fast Mag Grip: Speed ​​webbing Stock: Raider butt The muzzle brake is very useful to better control the vertical recoil of the submachine gun, also because it has no cost in terms of Mobility.

Speed ​​Sling and Raider Stock help with mobility by significantly increasing aiming speed. Half a second longer than your enemies to acquire target and start shooting earlier of them will almost always put you in an advantageous situation; but be careful not to shoot from the side, these accessories reduce the accuracy of the weapon in this firing mode.

The 53-round quick loader is nothing short of essential, considering how quickly the MAC-10 runs out of ammo. Seriously, this SMG's rate of fire is insane. The capacity of the magazine, combined with the rapid extraction of the same, will still allow you to nail without too many problems even an entire team, if caught by surprise.

Finally, the 5.3 inch barrel goes to tackle another big problem with this weapon, namely the speed of the bullets and therefore its range. With this upgrade you will give yourself those extra meters, essential when playing Warzone.

Specialties and Equipment

To make the most of the MAC-10, we decided to combine it with these Specialties and Equipment:

Skill 1: Blaster Skill 2: Over Response / Phantom Skill 3: Amplified Deadly Gear: C4 Tactical Gear: Stun Grenade Playing the MAC-10 means playing aggressive and fast. This is why we decided to take the field with the Bomb Squad, which guarantees us more protection from explosives and enemy mines: you will not have to worry too much about the defenses hidden by your enemies while you are attacking a house, go straight and eliminate all threats. >
As for the second Specialty, Excessive Response and Phantom are equally valid choices: the first allows you to play immediately with two weapons (you could use the MAC as a secondary weapon, paired with a Krig 6 or a PKM). If you prefer not to be too conspicuous, use Phantom and play it safe.

Amplified it is essential to quickly take up the other rifle and be prepared for any situation, without having to fear the downtime of switching from one weapon to the other, potentially lethal. Also useful when you suddenly find yourself running out of bullets and need to quickly use your secondary weapon. The destructive potential of C4 is now known and self-explanatory; you will be prepared against even the toughest vehicles and can wipe out an entire team before a shot is even fired.

This is the loadout we recommend for making the most of the MAC-10 submachine gun in Warzone! If you are one of those who took a break from Call of Duty Warzone due to the uncontrolled spread of invisible enemies, you can rest assured: apparently the problem has just been fixed and it was discovered that it was caused by a helicopter bug assault!

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