World of Warships Legends prepares for the holidays: the December update arrives

World of Warships Legends prepares for the holidays: the December update arrives
It's time to celebrate in World of Warships Legends too with a series of special events and the legendary battleship Massachusetts. The December update will include several events: a special icebreaker event, a new Office project, ranked battles and much more. You can then choose from a wide range of new features.

The highlight of the update is certainly the new Big Mamie campaign. The event’s final reward will be the US Tier VII premium battleship Massachusetts (affectionately nicknamed "Big Mamie"). A classic WWII ship, the Massachusetts is a South Dakota battleship armed with nine 16-inch (406 mm) guns and equipped with excellent protective armor. In the game, she also has an effective secondary gun battery unlike most American battleships. In reality, she is a museum ship anchored in Fall River, Massachusetts, where she rests after fighting for the United States in World War II without losing a single man. For the first time, the campaign will also include a second premium ship as a reward, the Japanese light cruiser Yahagi. Fast and well equipped for a Tier IV ship, the Yahagi will be available from milestone 40 of the campaign. The Big Mamie campaign will run for six weeks and will have 120 milestones to achieve over the course of the holiday season.

During the update, there will also be a special event that will allow you to obtain Icebreaker Coins to receive even more rewards, including Russian Tier VII battleship Lenin. Known for her "icebreaker armor" along the bow, she is a very sturdy ship with 16-inch guns at the front, with a layout similar to that of the British battleship Nelson. In addition to the Lenin, there will also be new equipment and three legendary level ships for hire: Conqueror, Worcester and Gearing! Icebreaker Coins can be earned by participating in festive events, such as the new season of Ranked Battles, battling with or against Legendary Tier ships, opening Santa's containers, or completing Icebreaker Mayhem missions after finishing the Big Mamie campaign.

This December, World of Warships Legends also intends to celebrate a dramatic battle that took place in the North Atlantic: the Battle of the North Cape. Additionally, a new and special Office blueprint is available that unlocks some Arctic skins for three ships: Scharnhorst, Duke of York and Edinburgh. Duke of York and Scharnhorst actually faced each other during the battle, a confrontation that ultimately saw the British ship triumph. Players will also have the Edinburgh, a ship that did not participate directly in the battle, but which is closely linked to the Belfast, a cruiser that instead played an active role in the famous naval clash. This project will only be available until February 1st, so we recommend starting it as soon as possible.

The update also includes a new season of ranked battles with some minor rule changes. This time around, players will be able to compete in competitive 5v5 battles with a limit of only one destroyer per team. This will create an even more intense season as the actions of each player will have a greater impact on the result of the entire team. Also coming to the game is a highly requested feature from the community, the armor viewer. Players will now be able to view the layout and armor thickness of each ship in the game, which will help them create the best counterattack builds and strategies, maximizing the effectiveness of their ships in battle.

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