Xbox Series X: the event that will kick off the next-gen, date and time

Xbox Series X: the event that will kick off the next-gen, date and time
Rumors were in the air and several weeks ago rumors predicted the arrival of a new Microsoft event. Now here we are, the Redmond company seems to be willing to reveal something more about its next gen just before the two new consoles hit the market. Xbox Series X | S will be the protagonists of yet another new show before fans can get their hands on their platform, but let's see together what Microsoft has declared.

The new event was announced by the official Twitter profile of Xbox New Zealand, who confirmed that on November 9th there will be a new event. Exactly one day before the release of Xbox Series X | S we will then have the opportunity to discover some Microsoft news. But what will we be shown on November 9th? At the moment it is still uncertain but it is very likely that we will have the opportunity to see new announcements and gameplay footage of different titles.

Tune in November 9th, 11pm NZDT / 9pm AEDT #PowerYourDreams mG9OJKx8D7

- Xbox ANZ (@XboxANZ) October 21, 2020

Waiting to find out what the expected news will be the day before the release of the two new Microsoft consoles , we can try to refer to the rumors that have anticipated this announcement. According to some rumors that have occurred on the web, on November 9th we will see a series of announcements related to Microsoft's first party teams and in addition a new EA IP will be unveiled.

We just have to wait on November 9th, finally reminding you that this new Microsoft event will begin at 12:00, Italian time. What do you think of this new event dedicated to the Xbox console family? What do you expect to see on November 9th? Let us know with a comment in the dedicated section.

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