Facebook works live with VIPs and an algorithm that summarizes the articles

Facebook works live with VIPs and an algorithm that summarizes the articles

Time for experimental projects in Menlo Park. Super is the paid video program with the stars. While Tldr is the code name of an AI that reads articles and summarizes for users

Facebook's headquarters in Menlo Park (photo: David Paul Morris / Bloomberg via Getty Images) Facebook home. The social network is working on creating a new product that will allow users to interact, for a fee, with direct influencers, creators or celebrities. It is also developing an artificial intelligence capable of summarizing articles and news so that users do not have to read them all.

Live videos with VIPs

The new tool in phase will be called Super experimentation that will allow web celebrities to host interactive video events live on their profiles. A bit like it happens on Twitch and YouTube, Facebook will introduce the possibility of interacting with the protagonists of the live through a system of digital gifts, donations, or by paying to appear on video next to your idol. This was revealed by an anonymous source from Bloomberg very close to the development of the project who explained how, depending on the price paid, users will be able to interact with the VIPs on video to ask a simple question or take a digital selfie.

However, it is not clear if Super will be launched as a stand alone application or if it will be implemented within Facebook video thus becoming a new feature of an existing product.

Summary articles

According to what reported by Buzzfeed, from an internal Facebook meeting it emerged that the social network would also be working on a tool that will use artificial intelligence to summarize the articles and news so that users can learn the content without the need to read all text.

The tool will take the name of Tldr, acronym for Too long, don't read (too long, do not read it) and will be able to review all the news contained in an article and then summarize them in a list episode that highlights the most salient facts and details.

Mike Schroepfer, Facebook's chief technology officer who presented the news at the meeting which was also attended by Mark Zuckerberg, specified that Tldr will be able to read the summary of the article to the user and will also be able to answer any questions relevant to the news content.

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