The 10 worst PlayStation exclusives ever

The 10 worst PlayStation exclusives ever

The exclusives. Always the flagship of the PlayStation brand, they have given life to some of the most extraordinary games of the last generations. Everyone knows names like Medievil, WipeOut, God of War, The Last of Us and whoever can have more. Recently some of the best known brands have even landed on PC, further increasing the prestige of certain productions.

Today, however, our goal is not to celebrate great classics or 90 or more titles on Metascore. No, today we want to scrape the bottom of the barrel, looking for 10 games that only came out on a few Sony consoles, but perhaps it would have been better not to have come out at all. Ladies and gentlemen, here are the worst PlayStation exclusives ever. .

Bubsy 3D - PlayStation, 1996

The Bubsy series has never shone. As a platformer it was nothing special and the protagonist lynx never had the charisma of Mario or the more recent Crash. While PlayStation was making its first moans, it tried to make the big leap to mascot Olympus with Bubsy 3D ... and fell miserably. This is in fact considered one of the worst games ever and it's no wonder that the sonar's favorite pet role went to Crash instead of the lynx. Incredible as it may seem, however, Bubsy also had a new chance in 2019, with Bubsy. : Paws on Fire !. A game that turned out to be simply mediocre and that, obviously, nobody was calculated.

Twisted Metal 3 - PlayStation, 1998

Let's continue with a historical brand, Twisted Metal. After two chapters that quickly became a cult phenomenon, the third episode was the first without the involvement of its creator, David Jaffe. The absence of the direction of the one who would later give birth to God of War made itself felt: with uninspired levels and a physics so bad that it caused physical pain, the only merit of the production was the excellent soundtrack. The rest was far from up to par.

Mortal Kombat: Special Forces - PlayStation, 2000

Mortal Kombat: Special Forces is proof that taking inspiration from something excellent for turning it into something completely different from the original is often a bad idea. In fact, why should an extraordinary fighting game become ... this ?! A simply bad action, it makes no sense to dedicate more words to it. Forget it again.

Ape Escape Academy - PlayStation Portable, 2004

There was a time when the Ape Escape series wasn't relegated to PlayStation Move titles. Yet those glorious splendors had still had moments of crisis, with exits already characterized by bad controls. Releases as Ape Escape Academy, a collection of minigames that is varied, but very difficult to play without getting frustrated.

Gangs of London - PlayStation Portable, 2006

Gangs of London could have been a clone of GTA like many others. One of those who may not excel at anything but who, taking a cue from the model, still manage to offer something good. But no. Here London Studio decided that if it couldn't excel in the positive, then it might as well be in the negative. Gangs of London was in fact a repetitive game ad nauseam and broken even in the fundamental mechanics. And he was not saved even by healthy foul language, since most of the explicit language had been bipped. Meaningless.

Haze - PlayStation 3, 2008

An epic first person shooter. A game that has redefined the rules of artificial intelligence. The Halo killer PS3 needed. This and much more was not Haze. A Ubisoft title pumped with an out-of-the-ordinary amount of hype, which proved to be simply terrible when tested.

Last Rebellion - PlayStation 3, 2010

Nippon Ichi Software, NIS for friends, she is used to developing JRPG. And she is also used to developing really mediocre ones. But if the president of this company goes so far as to publicly apologize for releasing a game, well ... then the game in question must be really terrible. Indeed Last Rebellion is ugly. Ugly in every possible sense. Boring story, boring combat, boring progression. But in addition to being boring, it also had frustrating and unfair peaks of difficulty. In short, a title that deserved not only an apology, but also compensation for moral damages.

Kung Fu Rider - PlayStation 3, 2010

Kung Fu Rider was one of the titles of launch of PlayStation Move, one of those who immediately made it clear that it would not be easy for Sony motion sensors. In fact, they were often accompanied by bizarre titles, with bad physics and a series of very annoying glitches. Which is, in fact, the perfect description of Kung Fu Rider.

Little Deviants - PlayStation Vita 2011

One of the best of the lot. But when you are among many Candlewicks, being the best isn't too much of a boast. Released only on PlayStation Vita, Little Deviants was just another collection of mini games, a sort of tech demo of the controls from the then-new Sony laptop that might have been better gifted.

Basement Crawl - PlayStation 4, 2014

Basement Crawl was a Blooper Team game. Yes, the same as the popular Layers of Fear and The Medium. But their PS4 horror exclusive didn't have the same luck. It was in fact poor and derivative, and was crushed on many sides. However, we like to mention it because it was a virtuous example of a development team's response to criticism: having ascertained the bad state of their work, in fact, the Polish studio decided to practically rebuild it from the ground up, offering it for free, a few months after Brawl. A remake certainly not extraordinary, but at least it didn't feel like a complete waste of money.

These were the 10 worst PlayStation exclusives. Who knows what will be the next to end up on the list. Did you remember them all? And what other Sony console titles have you scorned? Let us know in the comments below.

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