The Last of Us, a patch for the historic severed head bug comes from fans

The Last of Us, a patch for the historic severed head bug comes from fans

The Last of Us

The Last of Us has been explored far and wide, but in its 8 years of history it has always kept a strange bug hidden within it, capable of crashing the system if you interact with severed heads in a certain way , and finally this problem has been solved by the fans through a mod.

Curiously, the bug is also present in The Last of Us Remastered and has remained unchanged so far, also demonstrating how it is not really an obvious problem , being however easily circumvented by not carrying out the specific action that triggers it, but some fans particularly dedicated to the cause still wanted to correct the now historical imperfection.

For those who do not know what it is, the bug in question arises only in extremely particular conditions: if an infected is killed by decapitation during a cutscene or in any case through an action of NPC or artificial intelligence, his head remains in the scenario and can trigger the bugs in certain situations.

Throwing something at the severed head (a brick, a bottle or whatever) causes a system crash which immediately stops the game completely blocking it. A really curious situation that has remained latent in The Last of Us for all these years, without Naughty Dog intervening to fix the glitch.

An unofficial patch has then arrived from users: the modder illusion0001 together with the youtuber ZEROx have worked on correcting the problem and released a patch, which however can only be used on PS3 and PS4 modified through jailbreak, so we will not provide further information on this.

However, this is a fascinating job, also because it required considerable research by the modders: it seems that they have not precisely found the origin of the crash, but this could be derived from the fact that the severed head is considered by the game as a separate enemy, on which, however, there are no data to recall to manage the collision with an object. In this way, the game looks for data that does not exist and ends up crashing, at least in the interpretation of the modders.

Just on the first The Last of Us we have seen in recent days an Italian fanmade short film dedicated to Joel.


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