The Last of Us Part II: Did you get this game for Christmas? Find our walkthrough and guides

The Last of Us Part II: Did you get this game for Christmas? Find our walkthrough and guides
Have you found the Game Awards' Game of the Year, The Last of Us Part II, under your tree? Released last June on PlayStation 4, the latest production of Naughty Dog offers you to complete the story started in the first opus. So find Joel and Ellie in a post-apocalyptic world, and try to survive the infected who inhabit it. This survival horror, released seven years after the first episode, marked the players by its narration and its realization. So if you have missed this masterpiece according to the critics, you can make up for it by accompanying yourself with our complete guide to The Last of Us Part II, consisting of the solution to the main quest, but also guides to side quests and collectibles.

The Last of Us 2: walkthrough of the main scenario (by chapters)

This section of our complete solution details the entire process of The Last of Us Part II, step by step, through each of its main chapters and sub-chapters; Note that all clashes and bosses are accompanied by a video guide. For the sake of simplicity, this walkthrough has been written based on the "Normal" difficulty:

Jackson Seattle, day 1 (Ellie) Seattle, day 2 (Ellie) Seattle, day 3 (Ellie) The park (Tracking Course) Seattle, Day 1 (Abby) Seattle, Day 2 (Abby) Seattle, Day 3 (Abby) The Farm Santa Barbara The Farm (Epilogue)

All collectibles from The Last of Us Part 2

The Last of Us Part II surprises by its lifespan, very long for an action-adventure game of this style, and contains a lot of hidden objects. Below is the complete list of The Last of Us 2 collectibles, fully illustrated, and all their locations to complete the game 100% without missing a beat:

Artifacts Journal Entries Collectible Cards Collectible Coins We also invite you to consult our guide below to make sure you don't miss a thing in the event of New Game + and / or if you use multiple files from backup:

Collectibles and backup files: how not to miss anything? Our explanations

Other collectibles and side quests

In addition to the many collectables above, The Last of Us Part II contains other optional quests that will largely allow you to improve your abilities, your weaponry, or to complete your collection of trophies. This category of our complete The Last of Us 2 walkthrough will tell you about all these side quests and allow you to complete the game of Naughty Dog at 100%:

All DIY workbenches Locating and combining chests The Weapons and Equipment: List and Location All Training Manuals Find the Strange Relic and Hidden Ring Tributes to the PlayStation Universe and Uncharted / Jak & Daxter The Last of Us 2 Complete Trophies Guide Also read:

List of The Last of Us Part II Trophies Our Complete Review of The Last of Us Part II Summary of The Complete Guide for The Last of Us Part II

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