Star Wars: board games for those who feel like a Jedi

Star Wars: board games for those who feel like a Jedi
Star Wars needs no introduction: it boasts fans all over the world: three generations united transversely by the epic deeds of unlikely heroes and heroines, who spend hours discussing which scene is the most significant or the emotional complexity of the characters; shirts, backpacks, mugs, shoes ... Star Wars is everywhere! There are gadgets of all shapes, sizes and for every pocket, and there are also games for all tastes: here is the Star Wars themed selection: board games.


Games set in the world of Star Wars

The games that use a mechanic consolidated in the playful habits of the players "dressing" it with a Star Wars theme are not to be underestimated. They allow a complete attention to the details of the Saga without having to dwell too much on the dynamics of the game and prove to be excellent entery levels for fans of the Trilogies of all ages and also introduce nice "variations on a theme" excellent for fans and collectors.


Playing the role of Smugglers struggling with Blaster, sought after and precious goods for the black market is certainly one of the funniest ways to immerse yourself in the warm atmosphere of Tatooine or the milder temperatures of Lothal. Cross the Outer Rim Territories in search of the most profitable bounty, but beware of who will be in your crew: they may have a bounty on their heads that is interesting enough for the other players at the table. Upgrade your spaceship and make it faster than the galactic patrols, only in this way will you earn fame and glory like Han Solo and Lando Calrissian.

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Without doubt the game most faithful to the films in circulation: composed of hundreds of small cards with scenes from the films, the challenge is to place them in the right sequence of before and after the different events, it seems simple but the details will put even the most prepared fans in difficulty There are two versions, one dedicated to the films of the first trilogy and one to those of the second.

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Like Star Wars, Monopoly needs no introduction, too if perhaps not everyone knows that it was invented by a woman: Elizabeth Magie. In the last decade the game has undergone many changes, from the teal board and Vicolo Stretto and Parco della Vittoria it has come a long way, themed versions exist for all tastes, Star Wars themed have been produced more than ten versions over the years, for movies, trilogies and spin offs but certainly the most captivating is Monopoly Star Wars The clone Wars Edition.

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Tile placement with galaxies, asteroids, nebulae and planets. Placing Clones or Jedi according to simple rules with the aim of accumulating the highest score in a management system that winks at luck thanks to the mode of fishing in the dark of the tiles through which each player will have to try to build their own longest space route or surround a Planet with space tiles thus accumulating points that will lead it to victory. The classic Carcassonne meets Star Wars while remaining faithful to the original mechanics and dressing it with the settings of the trilogy.

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Games for two people

Central to each film is the eternal clash between Good and Evil, Light and Dark, Jedi and Sith, that delicate balance that Anakin the Chosen One is called upon to restore has been well used in thrilling one-on-one games.


Players will take on the role of Generals commanding an entire fleet of battleships and numerous starfighter squadrons as they take to the field alongside the Empire or the increasingly daring rebellion. Strategic and tactical decisions will be agitated and will determine the outcome of the space battle. In the box you will have a dedicated set of dice, detailed and painted miniatures with pedestals included and dozens of cards and tokens. A product characterized by quality materials and above average graphics. Star Wars Armada is a wargame for enthusiasts that provides hours of gameplay and will be able to satisfy the most demanding strategists.

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Imagine being able to create a roster of the best Rebels that populated every Star Wars production, including Ahsoka Tano from The Clone Wars, and being able to face a team of the worst enemies that populate the Star Wars universe. Imagine being able to apply unfavorable conditions, improvements and bonuses ... that's all this, and much more is Star Wars Destiny: a collectible card game a little bit deck building, a little dice management within everyone's reach with many customization possibilities of the deck and strategies.

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Let's go from cards to Miniatures, with Star Wars Legion every player will be able to assemble their army of Imperials or Rebels and throw themselves into battle. The community of players in Italy is well fed therefore tournaments or simple gatherings of players for a fight to the last laser are present in every city. In the basic box, in addition to the regulation and the basic troops of both factions, the two most iconic protagonists of the saga are also available: Luke Skywlker and Dart Vader.

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In this game of miniatures, beautiful, detailed and satisfying both sight and touch , players will be asked to play as the pilots of the starfighters and spaceships that made Star Wars famous thanks to their chases, fighting the last laser including the "mythical" Luke's X-Wing capable of destroying the gigantic Death Star. The game runs smoothly and thrills even newbies, making it simple and engaging. X-Wing is the perfect mix of strategy and speed that conquers both the mechanics and the setting.

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Games for fans

Among the many fans of Star Wars there are also collectors and "purists" of the brand who still refuse to accept the replacement of Sebastian Shaw with Hayden Christensen in the final scene of Return of the Jedi. Fans attentive to every detail and for them a Star Wars themed game is certainly not enough. For players and fans of this type, an immersive and engaging experience is needed that will make them inhabitants of that Far Away Galaxy for a few hours…


Maps to explore and missions to be completed together with a handful of fellow Rebels. Each player will choose one of the many characters available and collaborating with the rest of the team will fight the Empire by fighting the war. Imperial Assault is a dungeon collaborative in all its glory with detailed miniatures, hundreds of tokens and dozens of scenarios. Playable both in the "free-for-the-game" version and with a player to impersonate the Empire, it allows you to fully experience the atmosphere of the films.

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It is probably the game that best respects the evolution of the history of the various trilogies with its twists, intrigues and betrayals. Characterized by both high-level components and unique game mechanics developed for the sole purpose of giving players a total and immersive play experience. In Rebellion The game manual is important and the rules are rigid but linear. This is a product not suitable for an occasional player but it guarantees a good challenge for fans with many hours available to start a game.

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Last, but not least, is the role-playing game Star Wars: The Awakening of the Force Beginner Game; the product among those listed that perhaps most of all will allow you to identify with the inhabitants of the outer rim and with all the races that populate the universe conceived by Lucas. An RPG with an innovative system with dedicated dice where the only limit is the ability of the game group to imagine and identify with. You will need four or five fans of the saga around the table to start a game and many hours of gameplay to complete it but the particularly narrative system will make them flow pleasantly.

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