Rugged Apple Watch: a bodied smartwatch on the horizon?

Rugged Apple Watch: a bodied smartwatch on the horizon?

Rugged Apple Watch

Apple Watch, the smartwatch made in Cupertino, has arrived at version 6 and over the course of time its hardware has always been updated, adding new functions that have linked a lot to health and fitness.

One aspect The important thing about wearables is to be waterproof, and Apple's smartwatch is. But beyond that, the company would like to go even further by creating a rugged Apple Watch, which is resistant to atmospheric conditions and with a more massive and thicker body structure than the regular versions.

After all, over time we have learned to know and appreciate versions in steel and aluminum which, combined with the choice of the most suitable strap, gave an extra touch of personalization. For example, the latest Apple Watch Series 6 includes a set of sensors to read the amount of oxygen in the blood, as well as a heart rate sensor and the ability to perform a single-lead ECG.

According to Bloomberg, the period chosen to reveal it to the world is the end of 2021, the maximum beginning of 2022. There is talk of a very specific design that will be recognized at first sight and that will mark the features of an Apple product. It could be recommended to an audience of really demanding customers such as those who practice extreme sports or to hikers, or even to better monitor underwater activities. Apple's current wearables are resistant enough, but the rugged versions will be created to go further.

From the top of the record achieved as the best-selling smartwatch in the world, combining a rugged proposal with the current one would give a fan more choice for customers, remembering that there is also the Apple Watch SE model.

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Apple might launch a rugged version of Apple Watch

a close up of a phone: Apple might launch a rugged version of Apple Watch © Provided by Mashable Apple might launch a rugged version of Apple Watch

Apple is thinking about launching a ruggedized version of Apple Watch, which would be more resistant to extreme environments, as well as falls, hits and the like, Bloomberg reported Friday.

The new variant would be an additional model in Apple's lineup – similar to the Nike and Hermes-branded models – and could be launched later this year or in 2022, said Bloomberg's sources. 

Functionality-wise, the rugged Watch would be the same as the standard version, but would have more resistance to impact, possibly thanks to a rubberized exterior. One would expect such a device to have more water resistance as well, though it's worth noting that Apple Watch already is water-resistant to 50 meters, which is plenty for most users. 

Bloomberg says Apple already mulled over launching a rugged version of Apple Watch, but ultimately gave up on the idea. And even now, the rugged Apple Watch might still get delayed or canceled.

Apple has invested a lot in fitness-related features since the launch of the original Apple Watch in 2015 — for example, recently the company launched Fitness+, a subscription workout service that requires the Apple Watch to work. 

According to the report, Apple is also working on new swim tracking features for the Apple Watch. Regardless of the new, ruggedized Watch, we might see the new features in September, which is when Apple typically launches new Watch models.

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