Epic Games Store: New Features, Between Groups, Cards and Do Not Disturb

Epic Games Store: New Features, Between Groups, Cards and Do Not Disturb

Epic Games Store

Epic Games presented the news coming within the Epic Games Store. The company says it wants to make the store a "place where you can connect with your friends across different platforms, easily join groups with voice chat, and play together at your own pace." Let's see the details on what will be introduced, including groups, cards and Do Not Disturb modes.

The Epic Games launcher will offer a new group system that will allow you to "meet and communicate by voice, by message and much more" . This system will present an "active group window": this is a window in which you can find a series of options for communicating and playing with friends and teammates. You will be able to share game highlights or start a game with some of the friends in the group while still having the opportunity to continue talking to the rest.

The Epic Games Store group feature will not have an owner, so it will remain active even if someone logs out. Each player can control their own audio and video options. Of course, you can invite friends and block the group. There will also be a simplified view of the group that can be viewed while playing.

Player Cards will also arrive in March 2021 that will allow the player to take actions to manage their friendship and see mutual friends. In the future, you can use another player's card to join his or her groups or invite him to new groups. There will be no shortage of ways to personalize your card.

Even the search will be improved: the results will now show the number of mutual friends, you can search through the different platforms and get better results overall. There will then be a minimized view that allows you not to open a separate window to see notifications such as game invitations and friend requests. There will also be a "Do Not Disturb" feature. Finally, the Whispers will be set aside for now as they are not particularly used.

We would like to point out in conclusion that Epic Games adheres to IIDEA.

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Epic Games Store lines up new social features including a party system

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Over the last couple of years, Valve has responded to Epic's Game Store threat by filling in some of Steam's missing features around game recommendations and social connections. Now Epic is going to try and catch up on the social side in 2021, whether or not the areas where it's focusing are the ones gamers use the most.

In a blog post the Epic Games Store team revealed plans for a party system that includes Discord-style voice and text chat, as well as extending inside game experiences to let you know what your party members are up to. Meanwhile, the existing 'Whispers' DM system is going away because people apparently weren't using it. 

While the party system is due in the 'future,' changes that should arrive this month include Player Cards in the social panel that make it easy to figure out who someone, search, do not disturb and more. These features probably aren't enough to make anyone choose the Epic store over Steam, but they could it make it a little more sticky once someone makes the jump part-time. If that's not what you're looking for from Epic, keep an eye on their Trello board to see what else is on the works, like Achievements (that's been on the list for a while) and wishlist improvements.

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