Kojima Productions has "important news" for tomorrow: will this be the announcement of the new game?

Kojima Productions has important news for tomorrow: will this be the announcement of the new game?

Kojima Productions has "important news" for tomorrow

Ludvig Forssell, Audio Director of Kojima Productions and author of the Death Stranding soundtrack, announced via Twitter that there is "important news" for tomorrow. To which Geoff Keighley also intervened to create a nice curtain, which did nothing but feed the hopes of the fans. Is this the new game from Hideo Kojima's studio?

Hideo Kojima's new project has been in the air for some time. The volcanic Japanese designer a few months ago had officially announced that the work on the new project had started and the art director recently reiterated that the announcement of the next game will be done soon. The writing "Important news will arrive tomorrow" on Twitter by the "Composer, Audio Director of Kojima Productions" can only make us think again that something related to the new project of the studio will be announced tomorrow.

The fact that Geoff Keighley, a great friend and admirer of Kojima, immediately rushed to reply to the tweet with a rather funny meme that means "I keep an eye on you" only corroborates this idea.

What do you think?

Kojima Productions has 'important news' for tomorrow

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Kojima Productions has 'important news' for tomorrow

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