Clubhouse, that something less that has something more

Clubhouse, that something less that has something more
The world of ClubHouse at the moment is divided between those who have tried it and those who are waiting for an invitation: all the others are not part of the world of ClubHouse, because they simply do not feel the need. There is something that unites this new app (indisputably, the app of the moment) to the beginnings of the other great apps that have written history: that feeling of emptiness that you have when entering it, a void made up of large spaces of potential still all to fill, and that feeling of exclusivity that makes you appreciate the fact that you are still a few early-users.

But a social network is not such as long as there are billions of molecules inside to explore each ravine, to really explode its meaning, often far beyond what the creators themselves have in mind. Today it remains a "drop-in audio chat" (as defined) but it is quite clear that Clubhouse has intentions that go far beyond this limited perimeter.


What Clubhouse is is something that escapes a real definition both as a very simple tool and because - as usual - it is part of those tools that "to understand it you have to try it". It can be traced back to a group telephone call, or to a Facebook group in voice form, or even to a radio broadcast with free entry. Surely it occupies a space that was still free and it does so with a view to that "less is more" that often worked in the past.

No one thinks you are late: it is useless to chase invitations, they will arrive for everyone sooner or later exclusivity will no longer be such by virtue of an extension to the Android world that is still missing today.

Wondering if it will be the new great social network of the future is just as futile, because we will never agree on the meaning of “great social network”. How do we rate Twitter, for example? Minimum numbers compared to many other social networks, minimum profitability compared to many other brands, yet considered an indispensable piece in many contexts. Clubhouse simply has to find its own dimension and transform it into a business model: from this point of view the objectives are still very far away.

The app was not yet born and we were already asking ourselves a lot of questions : privacy? The business? The role? The future? Which is equivalent to asking in front of a newborn "what job will he be when he grows up"? The question should be reversed: instead of "what can become a Clubhouse", one might ask "what can I do with Clubhouse?". The feeling is that many are in fact wondering this, spending hours now on Rooms that talk about marketing and Clubhouse, social media and Clubhouse, advertising and Clubhouse, influencer and Clubhouse, every day of the week, at any time of day (and of the night). It is an abnormal personal investment, so much so that it is not uncommon to wonder how much time certain people have to "lose" (or to invest if you prefer). "As usual" - again - the social network begins with talking about itself, with a community that talks about itself: a metacommunication that is equivalent to the child who looks in the mirror and learns to know himself, developing a fundamental self-awareness .

Like any child, Clubhouse has innate characteristics and great possibilities, but it does not mean that it will be able to develop them. A feeling: as tantalizing as it may be, it remains a social network that today has no permanent content and that requires listening (a skill that too many have now lost). In short, Clubhouse is currently a platform that requires too much investment in proportion to what it can offer. A big demanding podcast, a big radio with less music, a big auditorium with too many self-referencing speakers. Those who are outside are not missing much, but those who are inside can easily guess that there is still a large space still to be painted. How much space is there still for live music? And for politics? Why not exploit it for events or associations? What will happen when the influencers arrive? Sure sex will find its role, but how? Which brands will be the first to explore its potential?

If we want to discuss it, we could do it on Clubhouse. But we wouldn't have added anything to what is already being done at Clubhouse.

Good life, Clubhouse.

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