[UPDATE] PS5 on Gamestop, available again today at 3:30 pm!

[UPDATE] PS5 on Gamestop, available again today at 3:30 pm!

[UPDATE] PS5 on Gamestop, available again today at 3

Update 15:52: only 2 bundles available!

We would like to inform you that PlayStation 5 will be available on the Gamestop portal again this week! Starting from 3:30 pm today, in fact, the site of the popular gaming chain will make available a new stock of Sony consoles, with the possibility of buying PlayStation 5 both in its two editions with and without disc, and through the sale of 2 different bundles, similar but different from those proposed last week!

It should also be noted that once again the sales methods provide for the management of purchases through an online queue system, so to starting from about 3.15 pm, you will be able to access the site to "queue", thus awaiting your turn to purchase through a digital waiting room which will then lead to the sale of the console.

» Click here to buy bundle 2 «

Unfortunately, once again we are not able to tell you the quantity of consoles available on the portal, however we believe that, given the presence of 3 purchase bundles, the pieces available are higher to that the previous weeks. In any case, the invitation is to click on the purchase links until you enter the waiting room for the sale, and once here we remind you that you must absolutely make sure to keep the page open until it is possible to carry out the purchase, because otherwise your turn will be reset and you will have to queue again!

As for the bundles, they will be 3, and it is already possible to know what they will consist of:

Bundle 1: PS5 Digital Edition + 2nd DualSense Wireless Controller + Remote Control for Multimedia Content for € 499.98 Bundle 2: PS5 Standard Edition + 2nd DualSense Wireless Controller + Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales + Marvel's Avengers + Funko Pop! Frozen Raven (Fortnite) on sale for € 719.98 Bundle 3: PS5 Standard Edition + 2nd DualSense Wireless Controller + Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales + Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War + Funko Pop! - Illidan (World Of Warcraft) for sale at € 729.98 Also this week, therefore, as happened for the previous Gamestop, it offers 5 sales solutions, thus allowing you to buy the best combination for your needs even if, it seems obvious to us, once again the smooth editions will finish first, so if you want to hope to grab one, we advise you to be ready a few minutes before the opening of the sales queues, under penalty of buying " mandatory "of a bundle.

In any case, taking into account the serious shortage of components caused by COVID-19, and the shortage of PlayStation 5 on practically every other store (physical and otherwise), the Gamestop proposal is, once again, your best chance to grab a console, and that is why we suggest you immediately launch yourself on the portal as soon as possible because, otherwise, it is impossible to establish with certainty how and when do PlayStation 5 will return permanently on the market, so much so that this situation could last well beyond the end of 2021!

Having clarified this, we invite you once again to take advantage of this opportunity to immediately buy your PlayStation 5, it is clear that we at sportsgaming.win will constantly monitor the situation and will update the news as soon as there is one. the opportunity.

Follow us and stay informed about the best offers!

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[UPDATE] PS5 on Gamestop, available again today at 3

[UPDATE] PS5 on Gamestop, available again today at 3 - BingNews

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[UPDATE] PS5 on Gamestop, available again today at 3

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