Fortnite: Start of Freaky Spring today for Update 16.10 - that's what you can expect

Fortnite: Start of Freaky Spring today for Update 16.10 - that's what you can expect


Update 16.10 is due for Fortnite today. The patch is available after the current downtime: The battle royale shooter has been offline since 10 a.m. For Tuesday, Epic Games has also announced Freaky Spring, the first spring event for Fortnite. In a current blog post, the developers give a preview of the in-game event, where you can expect beaky outfits, a duo competition, handicraft instructions and an in-game reward for Fortnite.

A new one awaits with Webster Character on you. He gives you the opportunity to earn a reward in the BR shooter. Starting Thursday April 1st, you can complete Webster's first legendary mission and unlock the "Schnabelschl├Ąger" pickaxe. In addition, the egg thrower is back. If you eat the eggs, it's easier to hop over the map. "As a replacement for Friday night: The Freaky Spring Cup brings you the right to show off on Friday, April 2nd, a duo competition. All duos have three hours to play up to 10 matches and collect points in the process . The players of the best duos in each server region will be among the first to receive the Webster outfit and the Mecha springs back accessory, "said Epic Games.

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Fortnite: Patch Notes for Update 16.10 - Dinos come to the island

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Fortnite down: Server offline for update 16.10 today - first information about the new patch

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Fortnite: Clues to dinosaur eggs and new weapons

Dataminers have discovered clues to dinosaurs and new weapons in Fortnite - Epic Games responded in a blog post. What's up var lstExcludedArticleTicker = '1369486,1369494,1369457,1369074'; To participate in the cup, you must have reached at least level 30 and have activated two-step authentication. Epic Games has compiled the rules for the Freaky Spring Cup in Fortnite (buy now € 14.01) on a website. Also take a look at the Item Shop, as new items will arrive there during the week. "In addition, a few popular outfits are returning this week, including plush bully, long-eared marauder and gadfly," add the developers. You can find new handicraft instructions on the cosplay page.

Fortnite’s dinosaur eggs have hatched, and now raptors roam the island

The newest season of Fortnite, dubbed “Primal,” did two main things: it introduced animals to the island and added a prehistoric theme. So it’s only fitting that the latest update includes a dinosaur.

Thanks to a recent patch, raptors now roam the battle royale game, joining other predators like wolves and sharks. They appear to spawn at random, however, so there’s no guarantee you’ll encounter one in a match; I played for more than an hour this morning before I spotted one in the wild.

In traditional Fortnite fashion, the news had been teased over the last few days; giant eggs scattered across the island began to crack, hinting that something was in the works. It was reminiscent of previous events like the volcano eruption, Kevin the rolling cube, or the time a massive robot was slowly constructed. It’s all part of the game’s unique approach to storytelling.

This is the first major update for season 6, so there could be other creatures on the way as well.

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