There is talk of suspending or changing the state cashback

There is talk of suspending or changing the state cashback

The government wants to intervene on the program to push electronic payments. In particular, it looks at the Super cashback and the micro-transactions carried out to reach the minimum threshold

The Cashback occurs on the Io app by PagoPa (photo PagoPa) The crackdown on state cashback has been in the air for months and it could be so tight as to eliminate it altogether, especially starting with the super cashback, the weakest and most appetizing link for the “smart”. The program, launched by the previous government to combat tax evasion by encouraging retail electronic payments with 10% reimbursements on spending, has been in the balance since the new executive takes office, which could shift resources with a budget shift in favor of VAT numbers and refreshments for companies affected by the lockdown, starting with the support decree (from 32 billion euros). "We could save 2.5-3 billion euros," explained Undersecretary for the Economy, Claudio Durigon, in an interview with Messaggero, proposing to abolish the project altogether in July.

This date would save at least the first semester of "official" cashback, which since December has received the adhesion of 8 million citizens. The funds allocated amounted to 4.75 billion euros for the two-year period 2021-22, since the reimbursement program is expected to end in June next year, with six-monthly transfers for those who make at least 50 electronic payments, according to the roadmap original. In addition, for the first 100,000 with the highest number of transactions, there is a super cashback of 1,500 euros: at the moment you need to have made at least 164, an average of over 50 per month.

Although about 22% of transactions are in a range of 22-50 euros, the absence of a minimum limit on the valid amount has allowed the alleged crafty to split micro-payments of a few cents each, perhaps by repeatedly refueling at night at self-service petrol stations. Maria Cecilia Guerra, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Economy, recently reported in Parliament that one of the actions under consideration is to exclude anomalous transactions from super cashback. In fact, they are all listed on the Io app, with the amount and acquirer details, and PagoPa may find it easy to identify those suspicious. The other solutions include the possibility of suspending the extra rewards program until December, to give time to develop an algorithm, or introduce a minimum spending threshold.

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