The new 360 Slim?

The new 360 Slim?

“Stolen” images: the world of video games is also made up of these things. It has always happened. It happened with the new PS3 Slim model and it is happening again, this time in relation to an alleged reinterpretation of the Xbox 360.

The images, coming from an unknown Chinese forum, seem quite reliable, and highlight a motherboard with Microsoft branded components and various similarities with the current motherboard, all reduced to a third of its current size.

Two images found so far, and both show the motherboard in its entirety: the first already suggests a clear resizing of the surface, showing a decent heatsink with attached fan. The second offers us a clearer view of the bare processor, which seems to merge CPU and graphics processor, bringing to mind the first speculations about Valhalla, yet another revision of the Xbox 360 that should have replaced the modern Jasper.

It is still speculation, but the all-in-one solution between CPU and GPU had already been budgeted two years ago with the code name Valhalla. Looking at the images, one can only assume a unified design of the processors, too bad that those who produced the screens did not have the audacity to completely remove the unified chip and show the underlying die. This would have given us the opportunity to understand if Microsoft is adopting a technology at 45 nanometers or even lower.

Smaller components mean considerable energy savings and better internal heat dissipation, as well as a substantial reduction in costs of production, which could very well turn into a further drop in the price of the console. At present, the Jasper on the market today use a 65 nanometer technology for both the CPU and the GPU, while the new PS3 Slim offers a 45nm Cell and a 65nm RSX.

It is interesting to note the two SATA connections on the top left of the first image. In the current 360 we have only one, dedicated to the DVD player. This could suggest the solution of an internal hard disk but, given the success of the Arcade models (without a hard disk as you know), this would make the question very confusing. Furthermore, introducing internal hard disks would involve a not negligible investment, not to mention the impossibility of changing it as it already happens with the models on the market.

Another interesting element is precisely the possible disposition of the reader, which should no longer be positioned above the processor (unfortunate choice continued even in today's 360) going to be placed laterally, thus leaving the necessary space for the fan to operate effectively. And let's face it: it didn't take a genius to understand the need for such an option, right? The idea of ​​a slim player like the one implemented on PS3 shouldn't be discarded.

There seems to be no trace of hardware related to Natal, which gives us hope for the implementation of adequate USB ports. An element of disappointment is the repeated lack of any internal Wi-Fi option. Even for the new models, users will have to continue to use the expensive peripherals sold separately. If we think that PS3 has been equipped from the beginning with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection ... At least the presence of an audio output seems to be confirmed, positioned directly above the fan next to the AV video output. Obviously, the power supply will continue to be external.

There is nothing at the moment that makes these images appear as fake, and if we think that the first images of the PS3 Slim were "disclosed" months before the announcement official, we can give a good percentage of credibility to the whole thing.

Microsoft, as expected, immediately entrenched itself in the usual formula: "We do not comment on rumors and speculations." Which could mean : here, you have discovered us but we must pretend nothing has happened. Or even the opposite. For our part, we will continue to keep an eye on the situation to keep you updated as always.

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