Minister Colao wants to connect all of Italy in broadband by 2026

Minister Colao wants to connect all of Italy in broadband by 2026

Not only fiber but also satellite technologies. The Minister for Technological Innovation also pushes on 5G and on the digitization of the public administration

Vittorio Colao (Photo: Jason Alden / Bloomberg via Getty Images) The hearing of the Minister of Technological Innovation and the Digital Transition Vittorio Colao, as part of the examination of the proposal of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan. The minister has set the goal of guaranteeing access to broadband throughout Italy by 2026, therefore four years ahead of the deadline set by the European Commission to achieve the digital transition in the Union. To achieve this, the minister said that the use of the most advanced technologies will be supported, to cover areas where fiber cannot arrive or would arrive too long.

This is "an intervention essential to ensure the modernization of the country, social cohesion and inclusion, ”said Colao, stressing that Italy can no longer afford delays. In this field, he added, “we want citizens, schools, health centers, businesses and smaller islands connected within the next 5 years”. It is therefore a question of increasing the funding already authorized with the resources of the PNR, to speed up the times and exploit satellite technologies, to give the connection to those who cannot be reached by the fiber and "get the 1 Giga connection quickly" in all areas of the country. The financing measures, continued the minister, will therefore go hand in hand with measures to facilitate the installation of infrastructures, investment guarantees, stimuli for the adoption of services by families and businesses and " simplification and revision of the regulatory framework "to speed up the procedures.

The minister then expressed his desire to make the public administration more accessible, to make it an "ally of the citizens". The project will therefore be to definitively abandon paper certificates and ensure interoperability between public databases, to ensure that citizens 'and citizens' information is directly shared and accessible between all public bodies. Colao therefore aims at a modernization of public bodies that adopt the cloud as a data storage system, for which he has promised investments for all offices.

Colao has relaunched on 5G technology networks, decisive for the public and in particular for companies. On the subject of the single network, which Tim intends to create, the minister only said that he will make sure that this does not lead to "an inefficiency in the allocation of the money we will have to carry out cabling or 5G".

The interventions provided by the minister can therefore be divided into two macro areas. One that includes interventions aimed at increasing connectivity, building fiber and creating 5G networks. While the other concerns the digitization of public administration, the creation of the cloud and the interoperability of databases. For these two areas of intervention, the minister has provided for an equitable division of resources at the "50 and 50".

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