Mario Draghi will try to form a new government

Mario Draghi will try to form a new government

As per institutional practice, the former head of the ECB and prime minister in charge accepted the Colle's appointment, opening a new round of consultations and saying he was "confident" of finding consensus. The M5s meanwhile has split between pro and anti-Draghi

(photo: Arne Dedert / dpa) The former president of the European Central Bank has accepted the task of forming a new government by the head of state Sergio Mattarella . After more than an hour of conversation he spoke to the microphones of the Quirinale, explaining that "emergency awareness requires responses to the height. With hope and commitment I respond positively to the appeal "and saying" confident that unity will emerge from the confrontation with parties and dialogue with social forces ".

After nine days of government crisis, we are facing a turning point: a technically-led government with a name that fits almost all political forces. Draghi has accepted with reserve, as per institutional practice, to assess which political forces will be willing to support him. From tomorrow consultations will open with the representatives of the parties, to understand who will be part of the new majority.

The most important node is that of the 5-star Movement, which for now seems to be divided internally between a fringe that is opposed to Draghi, led by the political leader Vito Crimi, and another more governist. After the statements of the secretary Nicola Zingaretti, the support of the Democratic Party is taken for granted, even if it will also depend on what will happen among the 5 stars. On the opposition front, the no of the Brothers of Italy appears dry and predictable, while it is still unclear whether the League will be available to support the new government, which Forza Italia will probably do. Finally, the support from Italia Viva, the Autonomies and the European-Maie-Cd group is obviously sure.

If a majority is found, Draghi will be able to present the list of ministers to Mattarella, declaring himself ready to lead the new government. The head of state will then sign the appointment decree, followed by the oath of the premier and ministers. Only then can the government go to parliament to receive the trust, which will officially authorize it to perform its functions.

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