Top 5 Indies, the five best Indies of May 2021

Top 5 Indies, the five best Indies of May 2021

Top 5 Indies

Like every month, we are ready to offer you an overview of what will be the most interesting Indies coming out of the month of May in our opinion. And like every Top 5 Indie, also for the month of May we will have an honorable mention for an extra title that has particularly distinguished itself for its peculiarity, for the acknowledgments taken or for some original and interesting story that characterizes it. We are therefore ready to reveal the most interesting independent titles in the Top 5 Indies of May 2021.

Lost Ruins

Lost Ruins. a section of the gameplay The first title we want to tell you about is Lost Ruins, a game released on May 13, 2021 on PC and developed by ALTARI Games. It is an action adventure with metroidvania elements in we will play the role of a young girl, without memory, in a world in ruins and full of dangers. Saved by the sorceress Beatrice, the girl will embark on a journey in search of her memories but not only.

The peculiarity of Lost Ruins lies in the combat able to be approached both in a frenetic way in the various levels of the game world and in a strategic way with a strong interaction with the elements on the screen. You can set traps, drop barrels, ignite fuses and set the ground on fire. All this in both close and ranged combat thanks to the use of spells. The title also showed a remarkable personality in the characterization of the characters that take a cue and follow some designs of the most famous current anime characters.

GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon

Also shown at the recent Nintendo Indie World, on May 13, 2021 on PC and Nintendo Switch (next year), GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon will debut. One of the most interesting titles of the month combines the iconic Japanese symbolism and mythology of the art style with the frenzy and speed of hack & slash combat in a roguelite context. Hell will be your battlefield, in a dark fantasy world where you will have to smash monsters that take their cue from Eastern mythology.

Guru Guru and Konami have promised a layered gameplay, in which the player will have to learn to master every weapon and accessory to get the maximum benefit in combat. Ability to control time and space will be the shoulder to combat maneuvers with the white weapon but it will be knowledge and awareness to make the difference. GetsuFumaDen is certainly an interesting title with a very steep difficulty curve that makes it bread for the teeth of fans of the most difficult challenges.


Highrisers: a stage of the game On May 27 will debut on PC Highrisers, developed by Solar Powered Game. The title is an Urban Surivival RPG in which we will have to guide a group of four survivors through the remains of a ruined city characterized by zombies and victims of a strange epidemic. The peculiarity lies in the procedurality with which the levels inside the skyscrapers that make up the city are created. Exploration, shooting and character growth come together in a really interesting title.

Distant Kingdoms

Distant Kingdoms: city management During the recent Steam Game Festival there was a game that made people talk of itself in a remarkable way, especially during the direct of the developers who were able to collect a huge success. On May 5, 2021, Distant Kingdoms debuts on PC, one of the most interesting titles of this month and one of those to keep an eye on for the future.

The game developed by Orthrus Studios is a hybrid of numerous genres that come together in a particular whole able to perfectly match each of them. Elements of city builder and management combine with elements of exploration of the environments and adventure in a mixture full of charm. The goal of the game is to create a cozy new home for Humans, Dwarves, Elves and Orcs in the world of Ineron by building a dense network of cities and infrastructure. In addition to this, however, we will have to explore the world, the dungeons and the environments that surround us, facing numerous creatures, to eradicate the possible threats to the common good of citizens.

Mind Scanners

Mind Scanners: the game interface On May 20, 2021 on PC it will be time for Mind Scanners, a dystopian simulation title developed by The Outer Zone. The simulation in question is a psychiatric simulation with which to examine the mind and personality of the citizens of this dystopian and cyberpunk metropolis. Interactivity with patients for diagnosis is a series of arcade actions that will lead the player to have to understand every single step in order to manage time and help as many patients as possible. The management of resources, time, the ability to diagnose and the ability to face complex moral decisions are the cornerstones of an out-of-the-box experience that could hide many surprises.

Honorable mention : Almighty Kill Your Gods

Almighty Kill Your Gods: the style of the characters During the last Summer of Gaming, Runwild Entertainment announced Almighty: Kill Your Gods, a very special title that received a lot of attention for the madness shown. It is precisely the madness that characterizes the work that places it right in the honorable mention. The fun resulting from the possibility of shredding (literally you can detach parts and bring them to the base as a trophy) gargantuan-sized monsters alone or in the company of friends could in fact be an element that should not be underestimated. In the game we will impersonate an Alpha or a very powerful magical knight able to tear apart even the most fearsome of monsters thanks to the power of the ancestors. Your goal will be to rebuild our home, our world from the foundations and to do so we will need particular relics: the parts of the monsters. An action RPG with a crazy and surreal character, out May 5, 2021 on PC in Early Access, which could hide numerous and fun hours of gameplay.

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