In Ireland, the Privacy Guarantor closed 7 out of 10 thousand cases in one year

In Ireland, the Privacy Guarantor closed 7 out of 10 thousand cases in one year

In Ireland

The largest technology companies in the world have set up their European headquarters in Dublin. But 99% of complaints based on the GDPR end up in oblivion

A Stock picture of Facebooks European Headquarters in Dublin. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Wednesday January 25, 2017. See PA story TECHNOLOGY Stock. Photo credit should read: Niall Carson / PA Wire With respect to the complaints presented by citizens regarding the violation of personal data, the Irish Privacy Authority stated that it is not obliged to make any decision, admitting in fact to operate in a manner contrary to what is established by Community law. This is what we learn from the hearing of the Irish Commissioner for Personal Data Protection (DPC), Helen Dixon, before the Justice Committee of the Irish Parliament. The authority was accused, last March, of not having correctly applied the measures provided for by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), in the context of an appeal against Facebook for the transfer of user data to the United States. So she was called to testify before the Justice Commission to answer for her actions.

The hearing took place in the presence of the Justice Commission and Max Schrems, an activist for the protection of digital rights who raised two appeals against Facebook, undermining the rules of data scanning between the European Union and the United States. In this context, Commissioner Dixon stated that, according to the GDPR, the Guarantor is obliged to "manage" complaints and not to "decide" on them. "In reality," she added, "there is no obligation for the DPC to take a decision on any complaint".

The Dpc therefore used the interpretation of the formula "handling complaints" as a justification for its work as a disengagement from making decisions. However, as reported by the website of the digital rights organization Noyb, led by Schrems himself, the right to data protection is guaranteed by Article 8 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the Union and the national data protection authorities are in charge of enforcing this right for each user, free of charge and within a reasonable time.

Facebook, Google and other major digital companies are based in Ireland. For this reason, any lawsuit brought against these companies, by a citizen or citizen of the European Union, regarding the use of personal data and respect for privacy, must pass through the Irish authority. However, as Noyb reports, in the last year out of 10,000 complaints submitted to the DPC, only 6 or 7 have received a formal decision. This means that the Guarantor has not ruled on 99.93% of the cases, despite receiving funding of 19.1 million euros precisely to ensure compliance with the measures of the Gdpr.

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