GTFO: Preview of the tough horror co-op shooter

GTFO: Preview of the tough horror co-op shooter


10 Chambers is undoubtedly betting on hardcore players with GTFO. The team, which consists largely of former Payday developers, makes this more than clear on the Steam page. Interested parties are even explicitly advised of the level of difficulty and the grinding of teeth challenge of the co-op first-person shooter. A refreshing honesty on the part of developers these days. The game is practically impossible to create on its own, and that is how it is designed and communicated.

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1 Stealth through the horror laboratories 2 Patience is a virtue 3 Variation is still rare sown 4 Map change through updates 5 Fresh content in the latest update 6 The careful look into the future 00:56

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Stealth through the horror laboratories

In GTFO, it is up to four mysterious prisoners to work together in complex, deep laboratories, factories and caves to fulfill certain tricky goals in the respective expeditions - and to do so in a coordinated manner. Because in these labyrinth-like vaults, death lurks in disgusting zombie-vampire form on every corner. Simply shooting your way through doesn't work, because resource management is an essential gameplay feature. Instead, it is important to sneak up on the blind beasts and eliminate them as far away from other enemies as possible. Although the bloodthirsty opponents of disgusting packets do not see us, they are all the more prone to noise, especially in the rhythmic glow phases of each individual. The consequence of all this: ammunition is strictly guarded, silence is the player's best friend and the Leeroys-Jenkins tactic is guaranteed to lead to the game-over-screen.

What absolutely must be avoided? Open shootings. Resources are scarce and the opponents are numerous! Source: 10 Chambers

Patience is a virtue

Going through a level is not only tricky, but also very time-consuming. A run can go anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours, depending on the level and the choice of difficulty. Therefore, GTFO (buy now € 31.49) is less of a game for quickmatches with strangers. Rather, the game design requires coordination, patience and a well-rehearsed group for a successful passage. There is neither a checkpoint system nor other great safety nets. As soon as all characters are wounded on the ground, all progress is lost. Even if the Schleich passages are essential, it is impossible to avoid a direct confrontation. Stealth is not always possible. At some point, it's best to quietly take out some enemies and then retreat as the other beasts wake up. Source: PC Games Security gates have to be crossed at certain points. Some of these goals only require all players to stand still in a certain area. Other doors come along with an alarm in which an endless wave of enemies tries to take our lives. Only as soon as all scans in the areas in which you have to stand still for a short time have been completed, partly individually, partly together, the beasts' respawns end and the door can be opened. Provided that you survived the alarm and eliminated the remaining opponents. Not all areas of a map need to be explored. Some areas are optional, but contain valuable resources such as medicine, ammunition or gadgets such as mines. Preparation is key in the security scans of the zone gates. Because these have to be processed as quickly as possible, otherwise the endless wave will end the run with force. Source: PC Games

Variation still rare

Before we descend into the dark depths, we can neither choose our game character nor a progress system with skills currently awaiting us. Instead, we have to coordinate with our teammates when choosing weapons and gadgets. When it comes to weapons, we don't expect any big surprises, but when it comes to gadgets, we can choose between turrets, mines, radar and a foam cannon that seals doors and slows down enemies. Each of the gadgets are useful, but some are more urgent to take with you than others, such as the radar. Because GTFO can not only become deep black, but to make matters worse, it can also be extremely foggy. In some places the fog becomes so dense and impenetrable that you can't even see the ground beneath your feet. Without an almost military consultation with the carrier of the radar, some people may almost despair. There are items such as the fog repeller for the thick fog. But they have to be found first. Source: PC Games The replay value of a map results from enemies, objects and mission items spawning differently. Such items can be found via the terminal system. At the terminals distributed over the level, we can ping the coveted objects or at least determine the zone. The respective commands can be read on the terminals.

Map change through updates

The different depths, sorted from level A to E, contain different types of regions with increasing difficulty and other types of missions. To be sent deeper, the levels must be completed beforehand, as well as some of the even more intense optional missions. In each major update, the levels are supplied with different maps and missions, playable for a limited time until the next so-called Rundown. With the rebirth update, the cocoons were added. They make enemies respawn in empty rooms. Source: PC Games

Fresh content in the latest update

The recently published Rundown No. 5, which we were allowed to play in advance in a gameplay session with the developers, brings with it the new maps also for the first time a kind of progress system with it, at least in the beginning. Artifacts can now be found in the missions that give us the chance to get boosters when collecting them. These boosters can then be used once in any missions and are used up. The types of booster vary.

Artifacts can be found in many places. With a little luck you will get the helpful single-use boosters. Source: PC Games Some give more regeneration, others reduce the damage taken. Also new: The nasty critters now respawn in areas that have already been cleared through the newly established and insect-like cocoons on the ceiling. Before that, you could still sprint happily through the grazed areas. In the new Rundown, this security is removed and the gaming experience is even denser and more dangerous.

The careful look into the future

GTFO has been in Early Access on Steam for approx. 35 since December 2019 Euro available. And the early access status will probably remain in place until at least the end of 2021, but new content should be added piece by piece with each rundown update. In terms of graphics and sound, the game doesn't have to hide. The performance is already extremely good, the music and noises make the blood run cold. If you are wondering what the well-known composer Simon Viklund delivers in the dark horror genre after Payday, you will get smarter in GTFO. The early access title is already atmospheric thanks to the appropriate music and staging. Source: 10 Chambers Which game design decisions will remain and which will be revised is of course still open. What is guaranteed, however, is the core of the game: a tricky co-op puzzle game that requires coordination, with an immersive horror atmosphere and tough shooting sections. It is absolutely clear that the game still has rough edges that need to be sanded. The hardcore target group addressed is also aware of this, as casual gamers are put off by the concept anyway. The others like it all the more.

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