Terrorists arrested in France, the era of impunity as a right ends

Terrorists arrested in France, the era of impunity as a right ends

Terrorists arrested in France

The extradition of the former Red Brigades would resolve two historical misunderstandings: that Italy did not guarantee fair trials and that protection could be given to those who had blood on their hands and called an escape from justice "exile"

Not political ideas but actions. Crimes of blood, or related and preparatory to them, for which the Italian justice has long ago issued definitive sentences. The essential point of the ten arrests of former Red Brigades and former Pac, Lc, Nuclei armed with territorial counterpower - but three are on the run - finally decided by the French government is this: it took a radically post-ideological leader like Emmanuel Macron to dissolve the ( false) misunderstanding that the Mitterrand doctrine has carried with it for forty years.

What is that misunderstanding? The fact that the protection of "acts of a violent nature but of political inspiration" cannot make sense in an accomplished democracy. And it cannot apply, as the transalpine Minister of Justice Éric Dupond-Moretti finally confirmed with infinite delay, to "those with blood on their hands". The throngs of criminals who took refuge in his country were marked up to their hair with that blood. But neither the neo-Gaullist nor the socialist governments have ever found the intellectual honesty and political courage to deny an alleged cornerstone of hyper-Garantism, even when the principles of that doctrine (no bloody facts, no final sentences and rejection of terrorism) disregarded at the start. The one for which while trials in absentia were ceaselessly celebrated in Italy transformed the killers into superstars of culture, honoring the bad teachers of thirty years earlier with new professorships.

Rome, Via Fani 16 March 1978 - The ambush of Aldo Moro was resolved with his kidnapping and the killing of four men from the escort on the spot (the fifth would have died a few hours later) Second essential point . The path, which will be long and could even end with surprises after the proceedings to authorize the extradition that they will face again and again on a case-by-case basis, resolves two judicial distortions at the same time. The first: it confirms that Italian legislation was not and is not outside European standards, as the then Socialist president thought: it is a cornerstone, even historical, and those sentences punish the perpetrators of murders, kidnappings, injuries, attacks, trafficking of weapons and many other actions that have underpinned the "years of lead" with trials celebrated in full compliance with the constitutional guarantees.

Marina Petrella, former Brigadier arrested in Paris on April 28, 2021 The second: such a step is needed to make France deal with its mistakes, not just Italy. It means recognizing that it was exactly that oral doctrine, devoid of any juridical foundation and based only on positions of blind hyper-guarantee, never transposed into any act or law, that for four decades stood outside international treaties and the respect that was owed and still it is due to a heart-wounded democratic and allied country. Giving shelter to her assassins.

The Minister of Justice Marta Cartabia sweeps away the still remaining perplexities of some, the usual ones to tell the truth, with two terms inextricably linked: truth and reconciliation. "The second cannot take place apart from the first," she said in an interview with Repubblica that she should be included in the law manuals. Up to now, not only the direct and indirect victims who paid for those acts of blood but the vast majority of Italians believed that that generation had been guaranteed privileged treatment with respect to the choices of the past and the scars of the future. And, out of the technicalities to which not everyone is accustomed, the refuge a few kilometers beyond the border was experienced not only, as already mentioned, on a par with violent international mortification but also as the absolute will to escape - with rare exceptions - from one's own responsibility. Those who don't want reconciliation are those who run away. Not who stays. There is no "restorative justice" possible without that will. Not revenge, in short, but clarity and reconciliation.

“Well done! And now what are you going to do with it? " Adriano Sofri asks himself on the sheet, compared to that “dirty decade” that he defines as “the bottom of the barrel”. A fund with a lot of life sentences to serve, among other things, which for many families is the principle of that barrel. Others underline the chronological distance between the facts and the convictions, obscene alluding to escape and shelter in France as "exile" or to the amnesties on fascist criminals after World War II.

These are questions that tell themselves, and with dramatic intellectual dulling, the completely overturned perspective from which these people have seen and still see the world then and today. In an incurable fracture. Net of health issues, on which judgments at different levels in France as in Italy will decide on everything, there is in fact in those words a stubborn confirmation of not wanting that reconciliation at all and of demanding it one-way, perhaps because later the flight to France has no longer committed any crime or because, again, the story of a few, of those “red shadows” of the Parisian operation of French counter-terrorism, is mistaken for the story of everyone. Which would also be true, each in his own role and with the courage to recognize his mistakes.

The era of impunity as a right is over and the fact that those people are between sixty and seventy years old is not makes those measures less important. On the contrary: they are in fact the bad teachers and the bad students, a generation of parents and perhaps grandparents whose sentences have simply not been carried out. This is what we do with that "dirty decade": we carry out the sentences and restore dignity to history and to law. Each in the most appropriate way, with the benefits of the law and in the guarantee of those rights that they have trampled before, during and after their dark years. Now only the apologies of those who defended them are missing.

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