New Pokémon Snap: the launch trailer reminds us that it is available

New Pokémon Snap: the launch trailer reminds us that it is available

New Pokémon Snap

New Pokémon Snap, the new exclusive title for Nintendo Switch developed by Bandai Namco, is finally available, as the launch trailer at the head of the news reminds us. You can find it in the best video game stores or in digital format on the Nintendo eShop. As you know this is a spin-off of the Pokémon series, in which the player is called to photograph the cute little monsters, instead of capturing them.

If you want more information on the game, read our review of New Pokémon Snap . For the rest, let's read more details about the launch from the official release.

The beautiful islands of the Lentil region are just waiting to be explored by photographers in search of adventure. It's time for our Trainers to shed some light on the mysterious Lumina phenomenon in New Pokémon Snap, now available for Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite.

You will take on the role of budding photographers who have landed in Lentil to participate in a research program on Pokémon in collaboration with the foremost expert of this region, Prof. Speculux, and his assistant Rita. The aim will be to help the two in their exploratory mission by immortalizing the Pokémon that thrive in the various ecosystems of Lentil. Traveling aboard the trusty NEO-UNO spacecraft, you will venture from island to island to observe wild Pokémon in their natural habitat.

A new region to be explored. Take as many photos as you can while exploring an area, and then show them to Prof. Speculux to increase the level of exploration of each path. As the research continues, you will have the opportunity to explore new islands in the Lentil region.

Let the searches begin. Prof. Speculux will evaluate your skills in the art of photography as you try to shed light on the mysterious Lumina phenomenon and complete your personal Pokémon Fotodex. Each photo will be assigned a number of stars ranging from one to four based on how unusual the behavior of the immortalized Pokémon is. The total score of each photo, based on parameters such as the pose of the subject, its size within the photo, the degree of rotation of the Pokémon towards the lens and its position in the frame, will be indicated by the color of the stars. The higher the score, the rarer the color. So remember: when you spot a Pokémon doing something unusual, get ready to shoot!

Useful tools. The Camera Search is not only for taking pictures, it can also be used to communicate and analyze data, which will prove to be of great help during searches. It is equipped with a radar, a very useful feature for probing the surroundings, which will allow you to find hidden Pokémon and locate unusual points in the vicinity. Some Pokémon may also react to the sound and waves emitted by the radar. In addition, by taking advantage of the Search Room's melodies feature, you can wake up sleeping Pokémon or even make them dance!

New ways to interact with Pokémon. Soft Apples are a sweet and tasty fruit typical of Lentil. Pokémon love it, so if you throw one near them, you can watch them eat. When used wisely, Fluffy Apples are very useful for tracking down Pokémon or luring them to other places. The Lumina Spheres are an invention of Prof. Speculux. There are various types and each of them is meant to be used on a different island. If you throw a Lumina Sphere in the direction of a Pokémon or a Crystal Flower (a flower that grows exclusively in the Lentil region), you may see the Lumina phenomenon. Affected Pokémon enter the so-called "Lumina state", which stimulates their life force and can thus trigger other unusual ecological effects in them.

Connect with players around the world. The Online Mode feature allows you to share photos taken in the game and compete with Pokémon photographers from around the world. Using the extra shot and edit function, you can adjust the brightness, focal aperture and framing of your photos and personalize them with filters, stickers and more. The more players view shared photos, the more golden apples you can receive. To assign golden apples all you have to do is press the appropriate button, so send them every time you see a photo you like!

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