Best PS4 Controller | May 2021

Best PS4 Controller | May 2021

What better companion for a gamer than a good controller? Because, let's face it, the increasingly complex plots and the latest graphics are fine, but without a good ally with which to immerse ourselves in these adventures, many titles would lose more than one raison d'être. For these and a thousand reasons it is therefore essential now more than ever to choose your gamepad carefully, in order to get the most from our beloved gaming platforms. Whether you are looking for the technological cutting edge, or you simply want to play without breaking your wallet, you will find in this list the best PS4 controller on the market, whatever your needs are.

If your videogame attentions are instead on other shores, no problem: in fact we have also thought of you with these articles, dedicated to the best controllers for Xbox One and those for Mobile. However, let's not get lost in chat further and let's immediately throw ourselves into the best PS4 controller available on the market today, whatever your needs are.

Best PS4 Controller

DualShock 4 Nacon Revolution Razer Raiju Nacon Compact Controller

PlayStation DualShock 4 Wireless Controller

We could only start this long list with his majesty the Sony DualShock 4, that is with what is one of the most used gamepads of all time, as well as the best PS4 controller in circulation in case you do not have too specific needs or particular needs for additional keys. Comfortable, functional and aesthetically appealing: the DualShock 4 is a real gem, capable of still giving a lot of satisfaction while waiting for the promising DualSense that will most likely raise the qualitative bar again as regards Sony home controllers. Ah, did we then tell you that the DualShock is available in a myriad of different colors?

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Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro Controller

After having proposed the still valid DualShock 4 it is time to talk about the Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro Controller , that is the best of what the market has to offer today in this area. If you have no problems spending a little more than usual, you will find in this controller the nec plus ultra of what is currently available, a product with excellent keys, a very high level of build quality and top quality materials. To make the Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro by far the best PS4 controller are a series of additional keys, which will allow us without too many problems to master any title and to give free rein to our skills.

Razer Raiju Ultimate Edition

Despite being a very valid product, as well as the best PS4 controller on the market today, the Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro features asymmetrical analogs, a feature loved by many gamers, but often still indigestible for the most loyal PlayStation fans. Fortunately, the Razer Raiju comes to their rescue, another very valid proposal with great quality, as well as a price that is also not indifferent in this case. As for the Revolution Unlimited Pro, also in this case the weaknesses of the Razer Raiju are very few and between additional keys and LED lighting it will be really impossible to find anything to complain about in this product. The best PS4 controller with symmetrical analogs, hands down.

Nacon Compact Controller

Obviously, an economic proposal could not be missing in this list, perfect for those who do not want to spend too much or for those who simply need a spare controller ready for any eventuality. Despite a decidedly reduced price, in fact, the Nacon Compact is a Mr. controller, and obviously also the best choice if you need a product at a budget price. Despite its undeniable qualities, the Nacon Compact is available at several tens of euros cheaper than the DualShock 4, managing not to make you miss the Sony product too much. Last but not least the countless colors in which it is available make the Nacon Compact the best PS4 controller at a budget price. If you don't have an innate hatred towards wired this is definitely the choice for you.

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