How to know if you have won the new receipt lottery draw

How to know if you have won the new receipt lottery draw

Thursday 8 April the second of the lottery drawings of the receipts, wanted by the Conte government in the plan of measures to stimulate digital payments

From 1 January 2020 the receipt lottery in Italy starts (photo: Steve Buissinne / Pixabay) The Cashless Italia plan of the former Conte government continues, even if under examination by the current executive and the moment of the second monthly drawing for the receipt lottery is near: the countdown for Thursday 8 April has already started on the portal prepared by the Customs and Monopolies Agency. There will be 10 prizes of 100 thousand euros for those who buy, as many of 20 thousand euros for sellers who issued the winning receipt in March.

The merchants had until 1 April to adapt their telematic recorders when the payments are sent (circuit 7.0). Tickets in March, and those of every month, will be able to participate in the annual draw which at the beginning of 2022 will offer a single prize of 5 million for a lucky buyer and another of one million for the seller drawn together. Furthermore, starting from 10 June, weekly draws will be added, which will distribute 15 prizes of 25 thousand euros for those who buy and 15 prizes of 5 thousand euros for those who sell.

The winnings are communicated via certified mail, if the email address has been communicated, or with a registered return receipt and again with a message in the reserved area of ​​the lottery portal. Each user can already access it with Spid, electronic identity card or services, and check the 2021 receipts listed valid for the lottery, the number of virtual tickets generated (one per euro spent, up to a maximum of one thousand per transaction) and draws in which you will participate. It is possible to report any merchant who has refused to transpose the lottery code, which each user can generate simply from the tax code.

The withdrawal of the prize, paid by bank or postal transfer, must be made by being identified within 90 days in the competent Customs office. It is not necessary to keep the receipts, but it will be necessary to "prove that the payment has been made without using cash", explains the Adm, who suggests presenting the current account statement or similar document showing that the purchase was made with electronic payment instruments.

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