Facebook has closed the page of the neo-fascist newspaper Il Primato Nazionale

Facebook has closed the page of the neo-fascist newspaper Il Primato Nazionale

The page of the far-right movement's online newspaper has been closed by the social network. Casapound has already promised to take Facebook to court

Casapound in Torre Maura, Rome, 6 April 2019 (photo: Valerio Portelli / LaPresse) Facebook has closed the page of the online newspaper Il Primato Nazionale run by the Italian neo-fascist movement Casapound. The motivation behind the indefinite closure decided by the social network is connected to the violation of Facebook's policies regarding the dissemination of content that incites violence, racial hatred and content that praises fascism and Nazism.

According to the "fascists of the third millennium" - as the Casapound militants have proclaimed themselves - the ban on the page of their online newspaper would have taken place to hinder the conference that was supposed to host live on Wednesday 7 April. Guido Taietti, author of Political Sorcery, an essay produced by Altaforte - the movement's controversial publishing house - and the journalists Gianluca Veneziani and Edoardo Gagliardi should have attended this conference.

At the time of closing the page counted about 90 thousand likes . Casapound complains that Facebook has never seen the managers with warning notifications, suggesting a possible closure, opting instead for a closure without warning. The conspiracy hypotheses immediately spread like wildfire among the militants of the neo-fascist movement, whose leaders immediately alerted their lawyers and announced their willingness to take the social network to court. "Mr. Zackerberg (sic) will have to give an explanation in court", wrote the Casapound leaders, complaining about the "unacceptable censorship" of the social network.

History already seen in the recent past, when Forza Nuova decided to take the social network to court because it had "unfairly" decided to obscure its social pages. On that occasion, the Court of Rome rejected the Forza Nuova appeal and agreed with Menlo Park. Although the rule has not been applied regularly, publishing fascist-style contents involves a violation of the rules established by the platform: it is Facebook that explains in its policies that in this case it can decide to close the page that spreads them without notice.

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