New Pokémon Snap: Test overview with conclusions and ratings for the Switch adventure

New Pokémon Snap: Test overview with conclusions and ratings for the Switch adventure

New Pokémon Snap

With New Pokémon Snap, the photo safari is getting a sequel on Nintendo Switch 22 years after its release. In line with the release, the first tests went online, with which you can get an idea of ​​the quality of the new adventure around the pocket monsters. So that you don't have to dig your way through the review jungle, we summarize the ratings and conclusions of individual international magazines below. The website served as the basis for this article and publishes the tests in a bundle. With currently 43 reviews submitted, the average rating is 80 percent.

This also coincides with our test of Pokémon New Snap, which you have recently been reading on our website. The pluses include many well-implemented Pokémon to discover, a decent scope and long-term motivation, good controls and many things to unlock. There are points deductions in our review, among other things, for a required grinding. In addition, the effects of items are not always logical.

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New Pokémon Snap: release date and new trailer published

The Pokémon Company has published a new trailer for the Switch game New Pokémon Snap and announced the release date. var lstExcludedArticleTicker = '1371135,1371002,1368509,1365095'; In the review, EGM writes that the core gameplay has not changed compared to the original from 1999, but the 2021 version does everything else better. Among other things, the lovingly created Pokémon and great environments are praised. in turn comes to the conclusion: "New Pokémon Snap is a surprisingly complex photo simulator that is not only fun for die-hard Pokémon fans." Further impressions from the tests for New Pokémon Snap (buy now 59.90 €) for Switch can be found below.

New Pokémon Snap in the test overview

Telegraph - 100

The game plays at just the right speed so that you're desperate to try again to get the perfect snap, but without it feeling overwhelming and absurdly complex. I will admit that for those who aren't so big on replaying levels, it may get tiring. Still, it helps that the personalities of the Pokémon really shine through, the cheeky Scorbunny, the cheerful Grookey, the bouncy Pichu; why wouldn't you want to go and spend more time with them?

Comicbook - 90

New Pokemon Snap could very well be the next "chill" hit for Nintendo in the vein of last year's Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The game itself has very low stakes, but there's still lots to explore and find, and it should be a great distraction for players over the rest of the spring and summer. New Pokemon Snap is an impressive re-debut for the Pokemon Snap franchise and should hopefully give Nintendo and The Pokemon Company motivation to make additional Pokemon Snap games. Less than a quarter of all Pokemon species is represented in New Pokemon Snap, so there is certainly room for more exploration, more discovery, and more photos in the future.

Game Informer - 85

New Pokémon Snap delivers an experience similar to that of the original while expanding on the formula in ways that prolong the appeal of the expedition. In the two decades since the first game's release, the Pokémon world has changed in innumerable ways, but the simple appeal of immersing yourself in this universe and taking pictures has remained unchanged.

Gamepro - 83

New Pokémon Snap is a surprisingly complex photo simulator that is not only fun for die-hard Pokémon fans.

VG247 - 80

If you're the sort of player who got really mad about the national Pokedex in Sword & Shield, you might also bemoan the level of content here. But I think this is plenty, delivering far more than the original and with a whole lot of replay value - it's just a shame the developers felt the need to stretch it out artificially to justify what they've managed to build. Even with the grind, I do adore this game, though. It's a video game safari that manages to evoke the sense of wonder of the real thing. It's a worthy successor to the beloved original; a comforting, gorgeous, lovely little thing that soars when it just basks in its core conceit and lets you at its content.

IGN - 80

New Pokémon Snap is a photography game with occasionally clunky progression, but which is eager to show off its delightful subjects and let them surprise you.

Gamespot - 80

Fans clamored for a Pokemon Snap remake for years, and with New Pokemon Snap, we 've gotten even more than we bargained for: a great sequel that pulls from all eight generations of Pokemon released so far, dynamic courses that can be explored during both daytime and nighttime, and the ability to create an album of edited, personalized Pokemon photos (which you can then print or post online, a fitting evolution of the game in the social media era). Though there's sometimes a disparity between photos that make it into your Photodex and the ones you like the most, the core motivation of catching a Pokemon doing something particularly cool remains the driving force and the satisfying draw of New Pokemon Snap. 20 years later, taking photos of Pokemon in the wild remains as fun and exhilarating as it always was, and though it's been a long time coming, New Pokemon Snap was worth the wait.

4Players - 60

Relaxed photo adventure with lots of likeable Pokémon - but also a very limited gameplay with weaknesses in image evaluation.

Guardian - 60

It is still enjoyable, because the Pokémon themselves are so interesting to look at; it's just not wildly exciting. It's a laid-back game and one that offers many hours of gentle photographic research to anyone drawn to Pokémon's weird world - whether you're a veteran of 90s Pokémania, or a nine-year-old.

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