Do you want to win the silicon lottery? It takes $ 879

Do you want to win the silicon lottery? It takes $ 879

Silicon Lottery does not contradict itself even with the new generation of Intel processors, and has already made available the new 11th generation pre-selected (binned) Rocket Lake. Therefore, the users who until now have been waiting for the availability of these components finally have the possibility to buy them, paying a surcharge (or at least, in some cases) but also guaranteeing performance of a certain level.

The Core i5 is currently available -11600K and the Core i9-11900K. In keeping with company policy, all purchases made on the site have a one-year warranty which includes a single replacement of the piece. In terms of pricing, the Core i9-11900K retails for $ 879.99, which corresponds to a 63.26% increase in Intel's MSRP. By guaranteeing a boost clock of 5.1 GHz on all cores (8 Cypress Cove cores), the higher price is "justified" by a 6.2% performance increase compared to the standard version.

From this point of view it results cheaper the Core i5-11600K, which working at a boost clock of 5 GHz (6 core Cypress Cove) offers a performance increase of 8.7%, with a price increase "only" of 29.76% (339.99 $ instead of $ 262 from Intel).

Statistically, 100% of Core i9-11900K processors reach a working frequency of 4.9 GHz. The percentage drops to 73% for those reaching 5 GHz, while only 29% manages to reach 5.1 GHz guaranteed by Silicon Lottery. The same can be applied to the Core i5-11600K: 100% of the processors reach 4.8 GHz, while 81% reach 4.9 GHz. As for the 5 GHz, only 17% of the tested components crossed the finish line. . More technical details are summarized in the following table:

Processor Price Silicon Lottery MSRP Core / Thread Binned All-Core Boost [GHz] Default All-Core Boost [GHz] Core i9-11900K 5.1 GHz 879.99 $ 539 $ 8/16 5.1 4.8 Core i9-11900K 5.0 GHz 699.99 $ 539 $ 8/16 5.0 4.8 Core i9-11900K 4.9 GHz 619.99 $ 539 $ 8/16 4.9 4.8 Core i5-11600K 5.0 GHz 339.99 $ 262 $ 6/12 5.0 4.6 Core i5-11600K 4.9 GHz 259.99 $ 262 $ 6/12 4.9 4.6 Core i5-11600K 4.8 GHz 249.99 $ 262 $ 6/12 4.8 4.6 We keep in mind, however, that in the statistics of Silicon Lottery the size of the tested sample is not considered (it could be 10 processors as it could be 1000, although we know), although the results seem to work in their favor. Silicon Lottery has also decided to no longer offer the delidding service (here we explain better what it is), considering the increased risks due to the greater complexity of the PCB component layout of the new Rocket Lake.

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