Up to 50% discount on Apple refurbished thanks to TrenDevice

Up to 50% discount on Apple refurbished thanks to TrenDevice

In the absence of offers, what is the best way to save on a latest generation tech product? The best solution could be to rely on the refurbished. In this regard, we inform you that TrenDevice offers only for today discounts up to 50% on refurbished Apple brand, giving you the opportunity to buy devices of the bitten apple like new at lower prices, still having the 12-month warranty and others. advantages, including battery replacement.

As for the refurbished, TrenDevice is one of the best portals to rely on, since it puts in place a series of operations so that the products are comparable to the new one. Thanks to a clear evaluation system, you will know the real condition of a device before buying it. The evaluation is based on grades, whose letters A +, A, B and C correspond to the aesthetic condition of the device.

As you can imagine, A + is the highest level and means that the device is in perfect condition, while the C indicates that there are obvious cosmetic defects. Either way, TrenDevice makes sure that the devices work as they should and that no internal components are abnormal. As already anticipated, there are several steps taken by the portal aimed at giving the buyer the guarantee of taking home a perfectly functional product and one of these is the replacement of the battery, if it proves to have a lower seal than it should. , but extensive tests are also performed on speakers, displays, cameras, network reception, and sensors that are below the screen or buttons.

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Having said that, we just have to invite you to visit the portal page and take advantage of the discount of up to 50% on Apple refurbished products, remembering that the offer will be valid for today only. Before discovering the other offers that will arrive during the day, do not forget to subscribe to our four Telegram channels, respectively dedicated to offers, hardware & tech, clothing and sports and Chinese products, such as those of the Xiaomi, Redmi and Huawei brands. . Happy shopping!

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