Top 5 Indies, the five best Indies of April

Top 5 Indies, the five best Indies of April

Top 5 Indies

Since February we have begun to offer you, every beginning of the month, an overview of the most interesting releases that in the weeks following the article would have characterized the independent videogame scene. Also in this case, therefore, we are preparing with Top 5 Indie to rattle off some of the most interesting releases of this month. Unlike the previous episodes, however, we would like to emphasize that in addition to the five titles mentioned here there are at least as many releases in April that have received a fair amount of public attention. Obviously we have chosen the ones that we believe are the most interesting, but we encourage you to remain vigilant about this month's releases anyway. We are therefore ready to reveal the most interesting titles in the Top 5 Indie of April.


Smelter: a game stage On April 22, PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC are preparing to see a really interesting action-platformer with strategic components made by X Plus debut. Smelter, this is the name of the title, definitely focuses on the nostalgia effect as regards the inspiration for the cornerstones of the 16-bit vintage genre, while at the same time trying to bring its strong personality into play. What strikes Smelter is not only the decidedly marked and interesting artistic side, but also its focus on combos and the frenzy of fighting. The originality of Smelter wants to be the marked narrative component, but also the alternation between memorable levels and more strategic and reflective sections. Will you be able to help Eve in her desperate search for Adam after the destruction of the Garden of Eden?

Buildings have feelings too!

Buildings have feelings too !: a management section of the city On a better specified day in April (the exact day will be announced in the week of April 5) Blackstaff Games will be able to make its Buildings have feelings too debut on PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Switch! . The title is a management software that starts from the Victorian era and reaches the present day. Your goal will be to build and prosper your city, but at the same time you need to remember that buildings also have feelings and emotions. The peculiarity of the title will be that of maintaining relations with the buildings trying to avoid that the historic neighborhood hotel that has seen different eras, by modernizing itself, is demolished. Not only because this would lead to de malus, but also because his band of friends (the florist, the cinema and the cottage) could suffer greatly from this loss. Buildings have feelings too! It promises to be one of the most interesting indies of April and certainly fans shouldn't miss it.


On April 15th, PC gamers will see an interesting narrative-driven title debut on Steam Ashwalkers. survival shades. Hervé Bonin, co-founder of Dontnod, and his new studio Nameless XIII are preparing to launch an adventure on the market that in the recent Steam Game Festival has met with acclaim in every corner of the globe. The focus on managing the survival of the group at the center of the events, the strong narrative component, the possible 34 endings and the very inspired artistic side of the game, make Ashwalkers a must play for fans of deep stories. The game not only focuses strongly on the psychophysical management of the group, but also on the relationship of affection that will be created with the player as it progresses. Multifaceted characters and numerous possibilities are the elements that Nameless XIII has decided to strengthen to characterize his work, will you be able to survive the obstacles that will appear before you?

The Darkside Detective: A Fumble in the Dark

The Darkside Detective: A FUmble in the Dark: the mystery will be paired with the irreverence It was 2017 when The Darkside Detective appeared for the first time on the screens of gamers. Four years later, Detective McQueen is ready to return. On April 15, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PC and Switch will return to embrace the adventures created by Spooky Doorway in 6 new and dark cases to solve. Twin Lakes is ready to reopen its doors and what you can expect is a mix of irreverence, mystery and lots of fun. Quoting the Steam page: the price includes an exorcism service for infestations resulting from having played the title, what more could you want from a point and click adventure? What you will surely find yourself is an adventure that follows the genre cornerstones of the past and which, as in the case of the first chapter, does so with the right amount of reverence but also boldness. The Darkside Detective: A Fumble in the Dark is definitely one of the indies to watch the most this April 2021.

8Doors Arum's Afterlife Adventure

8Doors Arum's Afterlife Adventure: the inspired artistic component On April 8, Steam is preparing to welcome 8Doors Arum's Afterlife Adventure, a metroidvania with a strong artistic style (only three colors have been used for the game) and very important narrative ideas. Developed by Rootless Studio, the title is an action-platformer metroidvania that has its narrative roots within Korean folklore. We will follow in Arum's footsteps into the world beyond in search of his father's soul. The title focuses heavily on the emotions and sensations of the strong narrative component alongside it with highly spectacular exploration and combat sections from an artistic and stylistic point of view also thanks to the depth of the seven weapons available and the numerous skills that can be learned.

Honorable mention: Hoa

Hoa: the scenarios will all be hand painted As always in Top 5 Indie, we close the monthly appointment with an honorable mention. In this case ours is Hoa, the title of Skrollcat Studio that made all those who came across us fall in love with her charming style. The puzzle-platformer created by the Skrollcat guys will take you to follow Hoa, the protagonist, on a journey to discover her own story trying to get to the place of her origins. The peculiarity of the title lies in the results of a particular development, which led the studio to hand paint each game scenario and compose every single note of the soundtrack in live sessions of the musicians. The idea is to embark on an emotional journey that makes the player reflect and leads him to experience emotions and sensations different from those of a normal playful context. Hoa will be available on an unspecified April day for PC and Switch.

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