The most difficult video game ever: not even artificial intelligence can win

The most difficult video game ever: not even artificial intelligence can win

The most difficult video game ever

Even with machine learning it was impossible to dominate the crazy racing game, with a better time twenty seconds slower than human primacy

(Photo: Qwop) It is impossible to give a more than certain answer to the question on which is the most difficult video game of all time because there are too many parameters to consider. But if you wanted to choose one that puts together ultra-complicated commands, the possibility of losing everything for a minimum error and, above all, capable of generating maximum frustration, then Qwop would win hands down.

For those who don't know it , Qwop is a single apparently trivial online running game born in flash in 2008 and now available in html 5.0 format from PC or even from mobile. It was developed by Bennett Foddy and also appeared in an episode of The Office and in several episodes of the Japanese show Angry New Party. The name takes the letters of the keys used to make the virtual athlete move as fast as possible along a 100-meter track. That's all? Yes, but the (big) problem is that it is necessary to control the thigh and calf muscles of both legs to generate the most stable and rapid motion possible; in all this, the little man is very lanky and the laws of physics must be considered, gravity in the first place. A very difficult undertaking.

It takes hours and hours of practice just to be able to get into the right rhythm and at least miraculously reach the finish line. It goes without saying that there are gamers who have taken it very seriously and have engaged in the so-called speedrun or certified online speed competitions. The current record - recorded just a month ago, however - is set by the Japanese gunmaneko with 48 seconds and 340 thousandths. Here is the video, you can see how the user is able to generate large strides, so as to break down even the obstacle at 50 meters without slowing down and finally diving on the line:

The next step was obvious: if a human can master the technique, then even an artificial intelligence can do it, perhaps lowering the times to unthinkable levels. But no: Wesley Liao trained an artificial intelligence to play Qwop using machine learning to improve as they try, remembering the right movements and leaving out those that caused errors. The first experiments led the AI ​​to reach the goal, but with very high times.

Thus, the gameplay videos of the best human players were fed to the system and the AI ​​understood that it had to fix some details, such as the width of the stride. But even so it was not enough and the best time was 1 minute and 8 seconds, just enough to enter the world top 10, but a good twenty seconds behind the record holder.

You want to try Qwop and lose patience ? Here is the official website of the game.

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