Because Valheim is the video game of the moment

Because Valheim is the video game of the moment

A gigantic open world inspired by Norse and Viking mythology for this survival RPG

(Photo: Valheim) The new phenomenon of the moment on Steam responds to the name of Valheim, a survival and exploration game inspired by mythology Norse and Viking and based on a gigantic open world where the luxuriant nature is anything but benign. In just two weeks of its launch it is traveling fast towards almost 3 million downloads, reaching impressive numbers that have nothing to envy to more famous colleagues.

Developed by Iron Gate Ab and produced by Coffee Stain Publishing, However, Valheim is still in the early access phase which means that it can be tested while the development phase is still in progress. The title is inspired by the tenth world of Norse mythology and has the mission of reaching access to Valhalla through a long path full of traps between monsters and teeming obstacles.

The open world extends from the small village starting up to the dense forests and the snow-capped peaks to climb, you will be able to build ever more powerful weapons and equipment, hunt animals and cook food for subsistence and erect castles until you win the favor of the gods. It will also be possible to set sail aboard Viking ships to exotic destinations, at the risk of a journey that could be without return.

To demonstrate how much Vilheim is going viral, just mention the nearly 400,000 players connected simultaneously, but also search data on Google that have now largely surpassed those of the unfortunate Cyberpunk 2077. Another big hand to the growing popularity of this survival role-playing game is also a price of 16.79 euros which certainly smiles on those who don't have a lot of budget.

You can download Vilheim from Steam, a minimum acceptable configuration is required to play with Windows 7 64-bit operating system, 2.6 GHz dual core processor with 4 gb ram, a GeForce Gtx 500 graphics card and at least 1 GB of memory available. For the moment it is localized only in English.

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