The Kominsky method ages very well: look at the third season

The Kominsky method ages very well: look at the third season

The Kominsky method ages very well

Despite the farewell of one of the two protagonists (Alan Arkin), it remains one of the best TV products around. Thanks to new characters, guest stars (such as Morgan Freeman) and the same magical mix of nostalgia and comedy

Michael Douglas with Morgan Freeman (series guest star) The third season of the series The Kominsky Method kicks off (May 28 on Netflix) with the funeral of Norman Newlander (Alan Arkin). The agent and lifelong friend of Sandy Kominsky (Michael Douglas) who is also the other half of the couple who had brilliantly handled the storytelling of the first two seasons. According to some, Arkin's absence was decided from the start. In the sense that the actor had already announced his intention to leave after two seasons at the production. According to others, a delay in production would have caused the farewell. Be that as it may, we will miss it.

The first episode is full of flashbacks, Sandy's memories of some of the many moments spent with Norman. So much so that, for the first half hour, the doubt arises that that will be the narrative key of all the episodes. Mistaken. Not that we wouldn't have liked to see Alan Arkin on screen again, but in the long run, the game would become repetitive. Short summary for those who have never seen the series. We are in Los Angeles. Sandy Kominsky is a senior acting teacher. As a young man he dreamed of being an actor, but success never came. On the other hand, he managed to get a good reputation as a coach. Work aside, his sentimental past is pretty messed up (and, sometimes, the present too). And the real and only central figures in his life are (was) Norman and his daughter Mindy.

Without spoiling too much, we anticipate that Sandy will find a counterpart, a new “buddy” as he calls it, in his first ex-wife Roz Volander, and mother of their daughter Mindy, played by Kathleen Turner. The occasion for her return is Mindy's marriage to her elderly fiancé Martin (Paul Reiser). With the absence of Norman, another novelty compared to past seasons, is the expansion of the role of Martin. And it works. Reiser is a fantastic character actor, one of those who do not explain to you why he has not been rewarded by a more brilliant career (in one of the funniest scenes, which you could risk losing because it lasts a few seconds, there and he and Sandy in front of it. on TV watching an old movie where Reiser himself appears very young).

Another character that was introduced in the second season and is being developed here is Robbie (Haley Joel Osment), the grandson of Norman, a Scientology adept. Together with his mother, Phoebe, we see him engaging in all sorts of subterfuge in an attempt to persuade Sandy - whom Norman has appointed executor and administrator of his large inheritance - to shell out the money under the guise of projects one more bizarre than the other. . Also, consciously or not, the writers tried to fill the void left by Arkin, with guest stars like Morgan Freeman and Barry Levinson.

The Kominsky method is one of the best brilliant series we have seen in recent years. And for the public no longer very young (to put it mildly) it represents a unique opportunity to recognize and laugh at themselves. The characters are unusually real: even prostate sufferers can talk about sex (almost) like a 20-year-old regardless of whether the practice presents a few more complications. The scenes in the bar where Sandy and Norman used to meet and where the former continues to go in the name of old good habits, with the same ninety-year-old waiter wandering around the tables, perform the miracle of making people laugh and move at the same time.

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