Sergio Bonelli Editore releases 2 June / 9 June 2021

Sergio Bonelli Editore releases 2 June / 9 June 2021

Through the publisher's official website, the Sergio Bonelli Editore issues 2 June / 9 June 2021 have been disseminated. Most of them are only newsstand books, among which Il Commissario Ricciardi Magazine stands out.

You can already retrieve Sergio Bonelli Editore news from July 2021 from our dedicated article.

Sergio Bonelli Editore releases June 2 / June 9 2021

JULIA 273 - Myrna: goodbye, my beloved

by Giancarlo Berardi, Maurizio Mantero and Steve Boraley

112 pages - 16 × 21 cm, B / W, paperback, € 4.50

In June, a highly anticipated return: Myrna Harrod! The chameleonic serial killer now plays the role of a caregiver and has even grown fond of the elderly gentleman who hosts her in her house. When the man falls ill, Myrna has to get the money to be able to cure him. But the only way she knows to achieve her purpose is to kill ... Meanwhile, the criminal approaches Julia more and more dangerously ...

DAMPYR 255 - Haiti!

by Luigi Mignacco and Dario Viotti

96 pages - 16 × 21 cm, B / W, paperback, € 4.40

In the night, dark shadows wander around the alleys of Port-Au-Prince: the infamous Tonton Macoutes, brutal criminals… or vampires in the service of a vengeful Master of Darkness? From the era of piracy, a threat returns to blood Haiti, but this time it will find Dampyr on his death trail!

TEX CLASSIC 111 - The thirteenth mummy

by Gianluigi Bonelli, Virgilio Muzzi and Aurelio Galleppini

64 pages - 16 × 21 cm color, column, € 3.50

Professor Nizon's expedition reaches the Mexican border and unearths the legendary Tiger Temple, but soon after it disappears! Tex and Carson, charged with finding out what happened, go to Huerta, but the mystery deepens: all the "americanos" are found killed and their corpses, hit by a yaqui arrow, report a macabre message in ancient Aztec ... the " children of the sun ”are back!


by Moreno Burattini, Marco Verni and Alessandro Piccinelli (cover)

96 pages - 16 × 21 cm, b / w, paperback, € 4 , 40

Zagor returns to a place that has marked his destiny: the Abenaki village on the shores of a lake where his revenge against Salomon Kinsky was consummated and where “Wandering” Fitzy died. The Spirit with the Ax discovers that there are still some Red Indians who remember the massacre of many years before ... but that, at the same time, a special body of the army, called "Snipers Force", has established its base near the lake , clashing with the Red Indians.

HISTORY OF THE WEST 27 - Guerrillas

by Gino D'Antonio and Sergio Tarquinio

96 pages - 19 x 27 cm, color, paperback, € 6.90

In the central months of 1863, the border area between Nebraska, Kansas and Missouri was the scene of bloody massacres, carried out by bands of Southern guerrillas who did not distinguish between soldiers and civilians. These are authentic massacres that the Unionists are unable to counter because they are carried out without scruples and with guerrilla techniques by those who know the territories well. Bill Adams is in charge of discovering names, places and plans, he infiltrates the band of Bill "the bloodthirsty" Anderson and to begin with he must do his best to survive ...

DRAGONERO THE REBEL 20 - When the waves sing

by Luca Barbieri, Alessandro Bignamini and Fabrizio Galliccia

96 pages - 16 x 21 cm, B / W, paperback, € 4.40

Two young wizards are sent from Alben in search of a very powerful relic. But when they return by ship with the precious cargo, a storm comes between them and the salvific landing place ... Ian and Aura, after having waited in vain for their arrival, set out in search of them along the wild coasts of the Southern Kingdoms. With them, Aleen, the young woman who joined the rebellion due to a ferocious hatred towards the Empire ... Luca Barbieri, curator of the Dragonero series, tells us a raw and merciless story, completing his own personal trilogy dedicated to "sounds" ... which sometimes fill the air with music, other times with screams of terror!


by Mauro Boselli, Carlo Monni, Mauro Laurenti and Claudio Villa (cover)

112 pages - 16 × 21 cm, b / n, paperback, € 4.40

The arrogant ranchero Don Domingo Torres is taking over all the land around Nogales and has his eye on the Montoya ranch. The young Manuela, left alone in the world, is a coveted prey for him. It is true that she Manuela said no to her offer of marriage, but this is not a problem for the brutal methods of Don Domingo and his thugs. But there is a small hindrance to his plans: a young man who made a couple of his vaqueros eat the dust. And Don Domingo, whatever it costs, intends to make Kit Willer pay for it…


by Maurizio de Giovanni, Claudio Falco, Paolo Terracciano, Sergio Brancato, Daniele Bigliardo, Alessandro Nespolino, Carmelo Zagaria

176 pages - 16 × 21 cm, b / w, paperback, € 7.50

In this "Magazine", which features the protagonists of another best-seller by Maurizio de Giovanni, "I Bastardi di Pizzofalcone", the inspector is ready to reveal investigations, emotions, encounters and mysteries never told before. A strange ghost wanders around the house of commissioner Luigi Alfredo Ricciardi. The troubled and dark past of the agent Falco dell’OVRA. Memories of Livia's tour in America and her husband, the tenor Arnaldo Vezzi. A complicated investigation for the Bastards of Pizzofalcone in a school in Naples.


by Maurizio de Giovanni, Claudio Falco and Daniele Bigliardo

160 pages - 16 × 21 cm, b / w, paperback, € 21.00

Christmas 1931, the corpses of Emanuele Garofalo and his wife Costanza are found in front of the crib they were setting up. Ricciardi will have to investigate this murder and the relationship between the deceased former Militia officer and the poor world of Mergellina fishermen. Brigadier Maione, on the other hand, is on the trail of the true murderer of his son Luca. He will be faced with a very strong moral problem: to do justice or to get justice?


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