Sergio Bonelli Editore releases 25 May / 1 June 2021

Sergio Bonelli Editore releases 25 May / 1 June 2021

Through the publisher's official website, the Sergio Bonelli Editore releases 25 May / 1 June 2021 were disseminated. To report the departure of the new miniseries starring Nathan Never, another initiative for the character's thirtieth anniversary.

You can already retrieve the Sergio Bonelli Editore news of July 2021 from our dedicated article.

The outputs Sergio Bonelli Editore 25 May / 1 June 2021


by Federico Memola, Antonio Amodio, Sergio Giardo and Rossano Rossi

256 pages - 16 x 21 cm, B / W, paperback, € 7.90

Elphin and Brent's journey continues on Elän, discovering the incredible planet in which they found themselves catapulted and looking for a way to return to Earth. Hunted by the soldiers of the Tarkassian Empire and by the monsters in the service of the sorcerer Avatar, the two boys run into one danger after another, but they also manage to forge new friends and precious alliances. The enchantress Jakara will reveal to them the demonic origin of the griffins, capable of opening the portals between the two worlds, while Elphin will undergo a magical and surprising mutation that will change his destiny forever! The unforgettable stories of La Stirpe di Elän, the first fantasy by Sergio Bonelli Editore, are back!

NATHAN NEVER: MISSION GIOVE 1 (of 4) - The Hawks team

by Bepi Vigna, Max Bertolini and Germano Bonazzi

96 pages - 16 x 21 cm, B / N, paperback, € 3.90

The miniseries Nathan Never: Mission Jupiter debuts this month, one of the most ambitious and complex projects by Bepi Vigna to lay new foundations for the myth of Special Agent Alfa! A new mission awaits Nathan Never: to recover the spaceship Icarus on the planet Jupiter, which disappeared thirty years earlier with the remains of an extraterrestrial biological entity found on the Moon on board. While the fledgling Hawks Squadron, of which Agent Alpha is a part, is training at a secret base, Nathan is kidnapped…


DYLAN DOG 417 - The hour of judgment

by Barbara Baraldi and Angelo Stano

96 pages - 16 x 21 cm, B / W, paperback, € 4.40

Dylan's legal woes continue and he finds himself in the stand accused of murder. After being hired by Professor Chilton as an observer for an experiment aimed at demonstrating that the supernatural is a projection of the individual's mind, everything falls into a Kafkaesque nightmare for the Tenant of Craven Road, constantly hovering between the stars and the Underworld. .


by Mauro Boselli, Corrado Mastantuono and Claudio Villa (cover)

112 pages, 16 × 21 cm, b / w, paperback, € 4.40

In the secret refuge of the outlaws, in Hell's Canyon, Carson finds himself in serious danger, while, in Vegas, Tex discovers the truth about the death of the previous sheriff. Little by little, the truth comes out and the pards will have to settle accounts with the unsuspected culprits, in a challenge to the death at the Sunset Corral ...

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