16 days 16 bit: Day 14 - Boogerman

16 days 16 bit: Day 14 - Boogerman

16 days 16 bit

I'm Chris, Editor, at PC Games and I'm using the current time to catch up on games from the 16-bit era or to experience them anew. I will share my experiences with you. Welcome to 16 days of 16 bit.

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Day 14: Boogerman

Regardless of whether you are a toddler, professor, construction worker or the Queen of England - everyone laughs at a well-timed fart! Well, that's at least how I see it, because even now at 33 I am always amused when you can let yourself drive in a video game. But I also have an elitist sense of humor. Well, in any case, it's actually quite astonishing that I've never played Boogerman, a game that is all about burps, farts, boogers and snot. Fortunately, I have now been able to close this knowledge gap.

16 days 16 bit: Day 14 - Boogerman (2) Source: PC Games Although a game in which you can fart a snail full in the face, this is not necessary at all there is even a story. Superhero and millionaire Snotty Ragsdale examines a machine owned by Professor Stinkbaum, which allegedly moves all environmental pollution to the X-Crement dimension. Of course something goes wrong and an arm steals the machine's energy core. So Snotty Ragsdale slips into the colorful clothes of his alter ego: Boogerman!

The hero's name says it all. While most of the disgusting enemies can be eliminated by jumping on their head, you can also bring them around the corner by burping at them, snapping at them or sniffing at them with boogers - Mmmhh, yummy! If you collect milk, you can also briefly spit thick clumps of snot and you can find chilli pods burping and farting fireballs. As you can see, the developers were very creative.

Even the old kid's head is pretty boring, because even the stormiest gust of stink quickly turns into a mild breeze if the rest is not right. Pee-poop humor can be funny if it's built on something, but everything goes wrong here. Outside of the aforementioned disgust, the developers lacked ideas and in terms of gameplay, the title is nothing more than an average Jump & Run.

16 days 16 bit: Day 14 - Boogerman (5) Source: PC Games You jump around, collect Pömpel, blow around and sometimes you can flush yourself down the toilet to get to a bonus area. Unfortunately, all of the game elements are only funny the first time. Except, of course, that you can fart snails in the face - that is and remains a blast!

Not even the boss opponents know how to inspire. Sure, I had to grin briefly when I had to fight a chicken-swinging hillbilly, but the fight itself is rather lame. The second boss is even more boring and I didn't even see the third one, because I have to admit that at some point in the fourth level of the third section I completely lost interest. Boogerman is so uncreative in terms of graphics and level design and yet you always have to survive four levels per section before you get to the boss. Ürgs.

I could crack the great joke that Boogerman is a real shit game, but it's not that bad. It's just irrelevant, mediocre and lives solely from the disgust factor. Even as a child, I would have lost the fun of the game relatively quickly. If you have to giggle when you put down a good smelly buzz, you can watch Boogerman, otherwise picking your nose is better entertainment.

Alex Kirilloff, after missing 16 games with wrist injury, rejoins Twins

“He is good to go, but again, we’re going to see how he comes out after game one and make sure he’s fine,” manager Rocco Baldelli said. “… To say that we know he’s going to be fine, we’re just going to play him every day for the next month, I don’t think is fair to him. But he seems like he’s in a really good place right now so we’ll take that for what it is, and I would expect him to be playing more games than not.”

Kirilloff, with his usual stoicism, seems good with that plan, especially if it involves not obsessing about his injury.

“I just tried not to think about it, in all honesty,” Kirilloff said of his mentality at the plate. “I wanted to keep the same approach and not really change much.”


With Kirilloff returned and the Twins calling up righthander Randy Dobnak to start in place of an injured Michael Pineda, the team had to send two others back to the Saints: Bailey Ober, who made his major league debut pitching four innings Tuesday against the White Sox, and catcher Ben Rortvedt, who has backed up Mitch Garver recently.

Dobnak, a starter throughout his career, started the season with the Twins in the bullpen but was 0-3 with an 8.16 ERA. Back in the rotation for St. Paul, he posted a 3.38 ERA in three games.

“We’ve got to find a way to keep him stretched out and in starter mode,” Baldelli said. “… It’s hard when you’re put in the bullpen. There’s just no guarantees you’re going to be able to find a way to get a guy in there and let him throw 75 pitches. ... But one way or another, we’ve got to make sure he continues to throw and he doesn’t get shortened up again.”

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