The J-POP Manga releases on June 9th

The J-POP Manga releases on June 9th

Through the official website of the publishing house, the J-POP releases of 9 June were released. To report 3 early beginnings: Violence Action, Randagi and Birds of Shangri-La. But no release from Edizioni BD for this week.

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The J-POP Manga releases on June 9th

Violence Action 1

by Shin Sawada and Renji Asai

€ 6.50

Kei Kikuno is a young university student and , like many of her classmates, she supports herself with a part-time job. It seems a story like many others, but Kei's life has little to do with that of the other students: her work is a hitman and what's more she is one of the best on the square! Will you be able to combine study and, um, profession without attracting attention?

Buy Violence Action 1 on Amazon.

Birds of Shangri-La 1

by Ranmaru Zariya

€ 6.90

Apollo, a heterosexual fresh from divorce, really needs to change his life. This is how he responds to the announcement for a new job that at this moment seems perfect for him: in the Shangri La dating house, he will have to ignite the desire in prostitutes before they can dedicate themselves to satisfying their clients. However, one detail escaped him: in Shangri La, prostitutes ... they are men! Will Apollo be able to get used to the new job and resist the advances of Fee, his charming tutor to him?

Buy Birds of Shangri-La 1 on Amazon.

NeuN 3

by Tsutomu Takahashi

€ 7.50

Hunted from the SS, Theo and Neun, along with Acht and Naomi, find refuge in the home of Georg, a mysterious boy who seems to have miraculously saved himself from the clutches of Dr. U…

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Rent-a-girlfriend 3
Reiji Miyajima's

€ 5.90

Kazuya is restless due to Mami's veiled approach but, in the meantime, the best time for a university student is finally here ... summer! While trying to put his feelings in order, Kazuya goes with his friends to the Izu peninsula and there ... Here we are at the apex of the chapters "The sea and the girl"!

Buy Rent-a-girlfriend 3 on Amazon.

Goblin Slayer 10

by Kumo Kagyu, Kousuke Kurose, Noboru Kannatuki

€ 6.50

After rescuing the vengeance-hungry noble swordswoman, the Goblin Slayer group takes her with them to the fortress controlled by the little monsters. In the midst of a plan of infiltration and tough battles, her boss finally appears: the goblin paladin! Includes a short story written by the author: Kumo Kagyu!

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Stray - Vol. 1 by Keigo Shinzo

€ 7.50

The life of Inspector Hajime Yamada, who specializes in crimes against minors, no longer makes sense after his daughter's early death. A light is rekindled in his dark existence, however, when he runs into a young girl who ran away from home, who prostitutes herself to survive and who ... looks terrifyingly like her daughter who has disappeared. A hard, profound and sincere story about the encounter between a man who has lost hope and a woman who has never known her.

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