Editions BD and J-POP releases on May 26th

Editions BD and J-POP releases on May 26th

The J-POP Manga and Edizioni BD releases of May 26, 2021 have been distributed through the official website of the publishing house. To report Randagi, the tragic and touching story by Keigo Shinzo, in a complete box of four volumes, available later even individually. Great return for Otoko Zaka, the work of Kurumada, creator of the Knights of the Zodiac, which continues with the ninth volume. For Edizioni BD instead comes a new title of Boom! Studios: Folklords, by Matt Kindt and Matt Smith.

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Editions BD and J-POP releases on May 26

J-POP releases on May 26

RANDAGI BOX VOL. 1-4 by Keigo Shinzo

€ 30.00

The life of Inspector Hajime Yamada, who specializes in crimes against minors, no longer makes sense after his early death of the daughter. A light is rekindled in his dark existence, however, when he runs into a young girl who ran away from home, who prostitutes herself to survive and who ... looks terrifyingly like her daughter who has disappeared. A hard, profound and sincere story about the encounter between a man who has lost hope and a woman who has never known her.

Buy RANDAGI BOX VOL. 1-4 on Amazon.

KARMA OF PURGATORY 2 by Shun Hirose, Negi Haruba

€ 5.90

Makoto's existence is hell, at school he is a victim of bullies and at his father's house. Just as he is about to convince himself that a happier life is possible, fate plays a cruel joke on him that even drives him to suicide. But that's not all: awakened in a kind of purgatory, Makoto however discovers that he has to return to Earth to help those he would have damaged with his death!



€ 5.90

Komi, goddess on Earth (?) with enormous communication problems, is always determined to find a hundred friends. Thanks to her Tadano, she gradually shortens the distance with her classmates ... If it comes to going to karaoke and singing in front of everyone, however, her nervousness remains. Meanwhile, winter is coming, but this year does not seem so cold. Could it be because she now knows how to communicate better with her friends than she does? O Why is her relationship with Tadano becoming something different?

THE WINDOW OF ORPHEUS 2 (of 9) by Riyoko Ikeda

€ 12.00

In the background of intrigues and machinations, while the Europe moves towards the First World War, the young Julius must face a tragedy that is equally crucial for her: the disappearance of her father. To obtain the inheritance at the expense of her stepsisters, daughters of first bed, Julius was forced by her mother to pretend to be a boy and to enroll in a men's conservatory, a mysterious place where a legend is handed down: anyone who looks out from the so-called "Orpheus window" he will bind himself to the first girl he will see pass… in a tragic and unhappy love!

Buy THE WINDOW OF ORPHEUS 2 (of 9) on Amazon.

ZOMBIE 100 - 2 by Haro Aso, Kotaro Takata

€ 5.90

After having spent difficult years as a real slave in a company that exploits him, Akira does nothing but watch zombie movies with dull and envious eyes: surviving a zombie apocalypse would be better than his current ones days! Then one morning, all of a sudden ... the whole city is teeming with zombies! Even though he has to run to save his life, Akira has never felt freer and begins an important mission for him: complete the 100 things to do on his wish list before he too becomes a zombie!

Buy ZOMBIE 100 - 2 on Amazon.

OTOKO ZAKA 9 by Masami Kurumada

€ 5.90

The manga which contains all the pride and passion of the master Kurumada! Jingi Kikukawa is the last alpha male left on Earth! Her desire is to become a strong and unbeatable man, which is why she begins a steep climb towards his ambitious goal of him.

Buy OTOKO ZAKA 9 on Amazon.

Edizioni BD releases on May 26

FOLKLORDS by Matt Kindt, Matt Smith

€ 15.00

In a world of magic and monsters, Ansel is an outsider haunted by visions of well-pressed ties and technology. Ansel thus decides to go in search of a mysterious and unknown people now entered in the legend, the Folklords, hoping that they can explain the visions of him ... but looking for the Folklords is expressly forbidden and even punishable by death! What will Ansel risk discovering about the fairytale world to which he never really belonged?

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