The J-POP Manga and BD Editions of 12 May 2021

The J-POP Manga and BD Editions of 12 May 2021

The J-POP Manga and Edizioni BD releases of May 12, 2021 were disseminated through the official social profiles of the publishing house. It is a week particularly rich in debuts including 86 - Eighty Six 1, Black Jack 1, Karma of Purgatory 1 and above all the two highly anticipated series We Find Them Only When They Are Dead 1 and Seven Secrets 1

The J-POP Manga and Editions BD releases on May 12, 2021

The J-POP Manga releases of May 12, 2021

86 - Eighty Six 1

by Asato Asato, Motoki Yoshihara

€ 6.50

The Republic of San Magnolia is a nation united under a five-colored flag, with a solid government dedicated to maintaining the well-being of its proud citizens. For 9 years this country has been at war with its neighbor, the Giad Empire, which has advanced warfare technology consisting of a series of self-guided military droids called Legions. In response to the threat, the Republic erects a defensive wall around its 85 districts and repels enemy attack using Juggernauts, remotely commanded by the Handlers, military strategists located in the capital's command center. Officially the Republic obtains victories without losses but the truth is very different ... each Juggernaut is in fact driven by abandoned citizens in the 86th district: the Colorata, a minority discriminated and persecuted by the government in the hands of the Alba majority. Abandoned outside the walls and forced to fight for the defense of the Republic which does not even consider them human, Shin "The Undertaker" and his comrades in arms will have to rely on the guidance of the young Handler, Lena Milìzé, belonging to a noble lineage of the Alba. Will the two commanders be able to turn the tide of the war and put an end to discrimination by the San Magnolia government ?!

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Black Jack 1 (Osamushi Collection)

by Osamu Tezuka

€ 12.00

If no hospital can help you anymore, if science considers your case a lost cause, in Japan there is a doctor who is right for you ... As long as you have a few million yen for his salary and few moral scruples. In 1973, drawing on his medical education, Osamu Tezuka creates one of his most iconic characters: Black Jack, an unlicensed surgeon ready to accept any request, no matter how illegal or impossible.

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Blue Period 5

by Tsubasa Yamaguchi

€ 6.50

Despite the unexpected events, the first test of yatora ended in the best possible way but, when he learns that Ryuji has given up taking the exam, concentrating to better prepare for the second test becomes impossible… This is the story about achieving your dreams that reminds us how the world always reserves new tests!

Hell's Paradise - Jigokuraku 10 of 12

by Yuji Kaku

€ 5.90

Bloodthirsty opponents, demonic monsters, betrayals and explosive action : a shonen that will leave you speechless! United forces to recover the elixir, the prisoners and the Asaemon of the first expedition, albeit at the cost of several sacrifices, manage to defeat the tensen. Soon after, however, the long-awaited new expedition led by Shugen finally arrives in the Horai. Meanwhile, Rien begins to move to carry out his majestic plan to invade Japan.

Karma of Purgatory 1

by Shun Hirose, Negi Haruba

€ 5.90

Makoto's existence is hell, at school she is victim of bullies and at his father's house. Just as he is about to convince himself that a happier life is possible, fate plays a cruel joke on him that even drives him to suicide. But that's not all: awakened in a kind of purgatory, Makoto however discovers that he has to return to Earth to help those he would have damaged with his death!

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Kingdom 46 - Yasuhisa Hara's

€ 6.90

The two young brothers will make it, skilled archers met among the aspiring new members, to become the key to the awakening of the company Fei Xin ?! The kingdom of Qin plans the great war against Zhao to unify China and, to avoid a pitched battle, strategists devise a way to anticipate the moves of enemy Prime Minister Li Mu. Will they succeed in their intent?

Tokyo Revengers 4 - Ken Wakui's

€ 6.50

Takemichi, a former good-for-nothing thug, goes back in time twelve years to save the life of Hinata, his beloved middle school sweetheart. Despite trying everything to avoid Draken's death, in the end Kiyomasa still manages to stab him, leaving him lifeless on the ground… Can't the future really be changed? Takemichi's Revenge Begins Here!

The BD Editions releases on May 12, 2021

Boom! Bastic Bundle

€ 30.00

Exclusive pack for the comics shops containing: one copy each. di WE FIND THEM ONLY WHEN THEY ARE DEAD 1 and SEVEN SECRETS 1; as a gift, a POSTCARD of WE FIND THEM ONLY WHEN THEY ARE DEAD, autographed by the designer Simone Di Meo; as a gift, a SEVEN SECRETS 1 POSTCARD, signed by the designer Daniele Di Nicuolo.

For details on the two highly anticipated Boom! Studios retrieve our dedicated article!

We Only Find Them When They Are Dead 1

by Al Ewing, Simone di Meo

Captain Malik and the crew of the Vihaan II plow through space in search of useful resources to the human race, which they collect from giant corpses of alien gods floating on the edge of the cosmos. However, while for other autopsy ships like his it is nothing more than a recovery of meat, minerals and metals, for Malik it is the opportunity to satisfy an obsession: to be the first to find a still living god. . A mission within a mission that will take the crew of the Vihaan II to the darkest corners of space ... unless the people on their trail can stop them first!

Buy We Only Find Them When They Are Dead 1 on Amazon.

Seven Secrets 1

by Tom Taylor, Daniele di Nicuolo

For centuries, the Order has relied on Custodians and Holders to protect the world from seven of the most shocking history, which today keeps safe inside seven briefcases. When his fortress is attacked by an enemy who knows too much and is willing to kill to get what he wants, the entire Order must face its greatest fear: that secrets can be revealed to the world, putting it in danger. It will be up to the most recent sharp of the Order, Caspar, to discover the truth of the secrets before the enemy does, and to defend everything from the power of a few very heavy words hidden since the beginning of time!

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