The Panini Marvel releases on July 29, 2021

The Panini Marvel releases on July 29, 2021

The Panini Marvel releases on July 29

Through the publisher's official website, the Panini Marvel releases of July 29, 2021 have been made known.

The Panini DC Italia news announced for August 2021 have been retrieved with our dedicated article.

Panini Marvel releases on July 29, 2021

Namor the Sub-Mariner by John Byrne 2 (Marvel Omnibus)

Authors: Scott Lobdell, John Byrne, Ron Marz , Jae Lee, Various Authors

18.3X27.7, 744 pp., Hardcover with jacket, 75,00 €

Contains: Namor the Sub-Mariner (1990) # 19/40, Namor the SubMariner Annual # 1/2

Master John Byrne's narrative cycle ends! Namor's 90s series is back in its entirety after nearly three decades! Namorita, Punisher, Iron Fist, Shanna, Wolverine and the Defenders are just a small part of the cast that will accompany the Sub-Mariner on his adventures between land and sea. Plus, some stories never seen before in Italy!

Tigra: Feline Fury (Marvel Geeks)

Authors: Sal Buscema, Gerry Conway, Mike Deodato Jr., Linda Fite, Various Authors

17X26, 432 pp., hardcover, € 38.00

Contains: The Cat (1972) # 1/4, Marvel Team-Up (1972) # 8, # 67, # 125, GiantSize Creatures (1974) # 1, Monsters Unleashed (1973) # 10, Marvel Chillers (1975) # 3/7, Marvel Two-In-One (1974) # 19, Marvel Premiere (1972) # 42, Tigra (2002) # 1/4

The complete saga of Tigra, in one volume! Before Greer Grant became Tigra, she was the Cat. But an encounter with the mystical feline people unleashes her incredible potential. She has since found herself unleashing her claws against characters like Lycanthropus and Kraven the Hunter and fighting alongside the Thing and Spider-Man. • Featuring never-before-seen stories and classics revisited for the first time in decades!

Amazing Spider-Man 66 (Spider-Man 775)

Authors: Nick Spencer, Mark Bagley, Federico Vincentini

17X26, 48 pp., stapled, 5.00 €

Contains: Amazing Spider-Man (2018) # 64/65

Ransom as a king continues, with the comparison (for now indirect) between Spider-Man and Kingpin! Are you ready for the strange couple of in-laws of the Marvel Universe? And if you are convinced that Kindred is now under control, you are very wrong! Also, the return of Mirage (?!) And someone much more important!

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Savage Avengers 20

Authors: Gerry Duggan, Kev Walker

17 × 26, 24 pp., Stapled, 3,00 €

Contains: Savage Avengers (2019) # 19

A story of King in Black! Conan, Deadpool and the Marauders vs. Knull! Storm and Cyclops are under the control of the King in Black ... The Cimmerian and the Chatty Mercenary have been hired to free them - easier said than done!

Guardians of the Galaxy 11 (Guardians of the Galaxy 97)

Authors: Al Ewing, Juann Cabal

17 × 26, 24 pp., stapled, 3,00 €

Contains: Guardians of the Galaxy (2020) # 11

The Olympians are returning! And they didn't take their forced exile by Peter Quill very well! To stop them, the Guardians of the Galaxy must return to their birthplace! But will dealing with the past of the Annihilation War help them survive the present?

Spider-Man by J.M Dematteis 7 (Marvel Integrale)

Authors: J.M. DeMatteis, Kerry Gammill, Sal Buscema

16X21, 96 pp., Paperback, € 4.90

Contains: Marvel Team-Up (1972) # 130/133

The latest team-ups written by JM DeMatteis… And what guests! Vision and Scarlet Witch! Frog-Man! Fantastic Four! A revised and corrected 1983 poker of stories, with remastered designs and colors! Also, Sal “Our Pal” Buscema becomes the regular draftsman!

New Mutants 14

Authors: Rod Reis, Vita Ayala

17 × 26, 32 pp., stapled, € 3.00

Contains: New Mutants (2019) # 17

The odyssey of Danielle Moonstar and Xi'an Coy Mahn on Altromondo continues! Their goal? Bring a fluffy young mutant back to Krakoa! And meanwhile on the island, the King of Shadows continues to weave his you ... and Wolfsbane ends up right inside!

Black Panther 9 - Wakanda without Limits (Marvel Collection)

Authors: Ta-Nehisi Coates, Daniel Acuña, Ryan Bodenheim

17 × 26, 184pp., hardcover, € 22.00

Contains: Black Panther (2018) # 19/25

He was a king, then a slave, finally a rebel. He is Black Panther, and it is time to go home. The cycle of Ta-Nehisi Coates ends with a spectacular saga. The award-winning journalist and writer talks about the latest clash between T’Challa and Killmonger. An unforgettable story full of guest stars, from Falcon to Miles Morales, from Storm to Luke Cage!

Captain America - Ed Brubaker Collection 16: Captain America & Bucky

Authors: Francesco Francavilla, Ed Brubaker, Chris Samnee, James Asmus, Various Authors

17X26, 208 pp ., hardcover, € 24.00

Contains: Captain America & Bucky (2011) # 620/628

Captain America's first steps seen through the eyes of Bucky! James Barnes spent his youth looking for a place where he belonged and found it in a war-torn world. The young and talented soldier did not imagine that he would become the battle partner of the Sentinel of Liberty. But his role as his hero was already written. For the first time in volume, the adventures of Cap & Bucky written by Ed Brubaker and James Asmus!

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Heros Reborn 2 (Marvel Miniseries 248)

Authors: Jason Aaron, Ed McGuinness

17 × 26, 64 pp., stapled, € 5.00

Contains: Heroes Reborn (2021) # 2/3

The shocking new event of the House of Ideas continues here! America's most powerful hero, Hyperion, must face some of his most fearsome enemies, such as Victor Von Doom, Ultron and ... the Immortal Hulk. Blur, the fastest among mortals, risks finding out at his own expense how little his powers can serve against magic. And again: in this world without Avengers, what became of Blade and Phoenix?

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