Are you ready for the cicadas sushi rolls?

Are you ready for the cicadas sushi rolls?

Cortni Borgerson, assistant professor of anthropology at Montclair State University in New Jersey, has developed three recipes based on cicadas. Including Japanese rolls

Cicadas Sushi Rolls (Photo: Michael Karas / / USA Today Network / Sipa USA) If you love uramaki ebiten, Japanese rolls filled with fried shrimp, you should try the cicadas rolls. Word of Cortni Borgerson, assistant professor of Anthropology at Montclair State University in New Jersey, in the United States. The scholar, who deals with natural food resources, sustainability and food safety, is in fact a great lover of insects as ingredients in the kitchen. Both theoretically (they are nutritious, inexpensive and raising them does not have a big environmental impact) as well as taste. For this she has released some recipes to suggest how to prepare them, including cicadas sushi.

So, after the chocolate-covered cicadas, lovers of the genre have other ideas available to bring insects to the table. Especially in this period when the Brood X periodic cicadas have returned to the US after 17 years. Borgerson said he first tasted cicadas during a trip to Madagascar and found them "quite delicious". Her advice is to freeze them for at least 30 minutes before preparing them by frying them, tossing them in a pan or boiling them, and then putting them in the oven. They should be treated more or less like shellfish, she explains. And she in fact she should not taste those who are allergic to shrimp and the like.

"They do not need to be peeled or complex preparations", explains the scholar enthusiastically, who recommends adding them as you like to your favorite dishes or trying them on their own as an aperitif snack. But Borgerson has also developed three dedicated recipes: cicadas in tempura (fried, therefore, in Japanese batter), chocolate fondue with fruit and cicadas and, in fact, insect sushi rolls. Wrapped in a sheet of nori seaweed, they contain fried cicadas, avocado and cream cheese. In short, more or less the same composition as a roll with shrimp. More or less.

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